Pollhattan Saab – Ethanol

I’ve got my own reasons for wanting to give ethanol a try, but it’d be interesting to see everyone else’s.

Do you want to help the environment? Perhaps you want to stick it to those oil producers. Or are you interested in having some higher-octane fun?

The poll is yours, as are the comments…..

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  1. If I would buy a new Saab I definitely want a BioPower.
    It’s not because the higher performance (the factory BioPower can’t beat my Nordic Stage1).
    I believe it could help to save the nature and keep the world more clean, but I don’t want to sacrifice the joy of driving.
    I seldom use my car inside the city, I rather park it in front of the suburban office and use public transportation if I have to go to downtown.
    However, some latest concerns left some doubt in my mind about how really green is the E85:

    Maybe the BioPower Hybrid should be the real solution?

  2. My choice would be a diesel, same performance (who cares about hp, Saab has always been about Nm’s)
    and almost double the milage compared to E85. If the E85 cars had an 80-85 litre fueltank it would be a harder choice.

  3. MuzX,
    Good article, thanks for posting the link. However, I would suggest that anyone reading the article also read the many feedback comments. Unlike comments on many sites, e.g., Autoblog, most are well-informed and reasoned and offer many good points and counterpoints.

  4. i’m erring towards all of the above – they’re all mighty good reasons! which, when you think about it, makes it hard to understand why certain governments around the world are dragging their arses in assisting E85s uptake.

    i agree with Ivan though, BioPower Hybrids are definitely promising, especially for those of us who do any city/suburban commuting. based on the driving i do now, a plug-in hybrid could operate solely in electric-only mode for most if not all of my weekly commuting (approx 15km a day at 40-80kph). That’s 75km of fuel (C900 turbo gets around 12L/100km in the city, maybe less if i didn’t “enjoy” the car) that wouldn’t have to burnt. at all.

    personally i think the inclusion of hybrid power would minimise the (alleged) sticking point of increased fuel consumption with E85/E100. on your standard economy cycle test, with low speed/city driving done under electric power only, the overall fuel consumption of the car per 100km is naturally going to be a good degree lower over a standard ULP-only vehicle.

  5. Hi, Read this article with interest after trolling through the web site. I am looking for specific info on whether I can run my 2003 9-3 2.2Tid (Okay I know its a vauxhall to you specialists) but cant find out anything. Would dearly love to run it on 100% mix if poss. What are the pitfalls. Would appreciate any advice you can give.
    Kind regards

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