Saab Road Trip in Namibia

I’ve featured Danni and his Saabs before. Back in March I posted a few of his photos under the headline “Call Yourself Hardcore?”. Why hardcore? Well, the trip to get the car serviced is about 2000 kilometers.

That’s hardcore!

Danni’s recently been on another road trip and has been kind enough to send in a few photos. He writes:

I was basically bored on Saturday morning and remembered some good friends I have in South Africa (am working on a small mining town 277 km from the South African border running along the scenic Orange River forming the border between SSW (south south west) Namibia and South Africa.

The road was really fine and no bone jarring corrugations apart from the fact that some sections are very very narrow with barely a meter separating the edge of the road from the precipice before plunging down below.

But it is a scenic marvel and the majority of pick up (called bakkies in this part of the world) could hardly believe their eyes seeing a sedan vehicle, let alone a Saab. The pictures tell the story. Average speed was between 80-90km an hour.

To say that I was invigorated and that the MY01 9-5 cosmic blue Aero took it with aplomb is an understatement.

I’m always amazed when I see stuff like this. The sense of space is quite amazing. Thanks a bunch, Danni, for sending them in.

Forget the 9-7x. Owning a Saab in Namibia?! You, my friend, are a true Saab trail-blazer!!!

One picture here, more after the jump… on them to enlarge.











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