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Jalopnik went some way to addressing the inaccuracies of the last few days.

They posted an entry about Saab asking what it would take for a Saab to be relevant. There were some good responses in there too. To be honest, I was expecting some dismissive flame-type responses, but they were at a minimum. There was also a re-addressing of the issues on today’s precast with Farago. I’m now the guy that drinks the Cool-Aid.

The one thing that I really wish they’d done, which they didn’t, was correct the original story about the re-skinned 9-3.

Kudos to Spinelli, who’s done most of what he could to address the issue. Farago, on the other hand, has continued his role as an idiot in search of a village.


Saab sales in Germany were about static on last year’s numbers, with the 9-3 selling 337 units (up 1%) and the 9-5 selling 85 units (down 7%).

There were also four 9-7x’s sold.

Germany is one huge greenfield market for Saab just waiting to be taken advantage of. The 2008 AWD 9-3 could be just the start of great things there. The 9-5 that follows will have a big future if done right.

Thanks to joachim for the stats.


And speaking of sales (and whether or not Saab are ‘relevant’).

Saab sales are up on last year….

Saab global year to date sales increased 7 percent compared with year-ago levels, to 104,000 vehicles, helping the brand set a new record for the first nine months of the year. Growth was seen in Europe and Asia where sales increased 18 percent compared with the first nine months of 2005. In Sweden, the Saab 9-5 BioPower was once again the number one ‘green vehicle’ sold.

The company’s a very decent chance to finally break into the black this year and sales will most likely end up at near record levels.

There’s always room for improvement, but Saab are doing OK in 06.


Royal Ford of the Boston Globe has done a great write up of the Swedish Car Day held in Boston last weekend. I posted some photos from the day earlier (scroll down or click here).

To the staccato pop-pop-pop of its three-cylinder engine, the little car rolled across the lawn at the Lars Anderson Auto Museum, catching everyone’s attention.

It was a rare 1957 Saab 93, owned by Bruce Welch of Brookfield, Vt., taking its place among a sea of Saabs and Volvos at the seventh annual Swedish Car Day last Sunday.

A great read.

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  1. I cannot believe those sales figures for Germany but then again with ‘the big three’ in Germany I guess I really should not be that surprised.

    I have been reading somewhere – cannot remember where – that E85 is Sweden is now more expensive than gasoline which seems a bit worrying for sales of the 9-5 BioPower in 07. Having said that customers can still run their cars on normal fuel until the new Swedish government legislates lower taxes for E85.

    Frankly I think the 9-3SportCombi is responsible for a lot of this years success. I dont have any sales figures to prove it but, yes, its a bit quirky in a Saab sort of way. 🙂

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