Saturday Photo Fest

Last weekend there was a Saab event held in Boston.

I received a few photos that were taken at the function from Saab USA this morning. Ryan at SaabVideos has a photo-post from the day as well.

Click on any of the following to enlarge.







After I posted the surfin safari Saab 95 yesterday, Ivan sent me these scanned pictures from a Russian magazine. He got them when he was in Moscow for work some time ago.

It’s an interesting paint job to say the least……








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  1. Nice event.

    The red car with the boonet/hood up is a Saab Quantum – isn’t it?

    Rare, very very rare -single figures surely?

  2. Lance,

    There were 2 of those Saab Quantum III’s ever made. Remember, the Quantum was designed in the United States. Many people believe that the Quantum never made it because the idea originated from the U.S.

  3. SG – Thanks – did not realise it was only 2.I mentioned the Quantum in the Saab book, but as it was a Stateside special it was not in my remit. (see “Saab in USA” page)

    Even some Saab fans have never heard of it. Hey Swade – why don’t you do a feature for TS on the Quantum?

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