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Happy Birthday to my beautiful, loving and incredibly patient wife, PJ.


The Pollhattan Biopower poll has received it’s 200th vote, so it’s time to review the results.

It seems there’s a reasonable number of people with genuine reasons for wanting to drive E85 (i.e. contribute less bad emissions or more independance from oil). Myself, well color me selfish, but I want more boost.

Of course it’d be legitimate to claim interest in a few of these categories, but the poll doesn’t work that way. Thanks to all that voted.



Earlier this year I provided a little coverage of South African racer Michele Lupini and his quest to win a tarmac rally in his 9-3’R’.

His name’s popped up again in relation to an event this weekend. It’s another tarmac rally and it may be a fairly small affair as Lupini’s a motoring publisher in South Africa and he didn’t know about it until a few days ago.

After finding out about the event by chance when reading the newspaper on Wednesday morning, former winner Michele Lupini has posted a late entry for this weekend’s Total SCC Pretoria All-Tar Rally and dusted off his powerful Sandton Saab 9-3R in preparation.

Lupini, who will have his notes read by Jesse Adams this weekend, won the last All-Tar Rally held in 2003 in the Saab.

“I never knew the event was back until Wednesday,” Lupini explained. “So we fired the Sandton Saab 9-3R up and took it to Zwartkops Raceway’s open practice to check everything was in order — it is and we’re going rallying…”

The car’s looking good at least….


Thanks Ted!


Occasional commenter and publisher of Automobiles Deluxe, Gunnar Heinrich, has written an interesting article that bears some consideration with new generations of the 9-5 and 9-3 coming in the next few years.

It’s called Return The Viggen and as the title suggests it calls for a return to the limited edition “upper limit” vehicle that the Viggen represented from 1999-2002.

Saab Automobile AB had manufactured something of golden promise with the Viggen; a car that was – to put not too fine a point on it – true blue to the Saab party faithful….

…….In 1999, Saab started what could have been a long and beautiful friendship – a legacy akin to what BMW enjoys with the M3. The world needs an alternative to the Germans and the Japanese in the sports sedan market. There needs to be a third way. Saab is the perfect venue for producing third way successes. A new, vastly more powerful, and economical Viggen would be just the ticket.

Hear! Hear!

As mentioned, the new generation 9-5 and 9-3, with AWD available, could provide a very interesting basis for such a vehicle. Check out the article at the link above and leave your thoughts.


I started off-topic, and I’ll finish that way too.

Tomorrow we go and have our first look at our new puppy, who’s just two weeks old. Her name will be Charlie and she’s an Americal Cocker Spaniel in black. Plenty of photos will be taken and one or two might even make their way onto these pages.

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  1. Swade,
    There should be some problem with the voting engine.
    I counted 9 votes on the last (Other) category and it shows zero. Furthermore, if you add the other vote precentages, the total is 95% only. So the remaining 5% (including me) voted on the others, but the chart doesn’t show it.

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