Some Aussie SportCombi news

It’s been a bugbear of mine that SportCombi buyers in Australia had two choices only: an entry model Linear and a somewhat more expensive Aero. Those that wanted something in between had to make do with the Linear, or went elsewhere.

Not any more – here’s the news straight from the source.

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  1. Hey Swade, poor line of questioning!!

    I’m sure you could spec a Linear SC to $60k if you really tried.

    If you found yourself on the Audi stand you’d not be worthy.

  2. Not totally sure what you mean there, Turbin?

    You could spec a Linear as much as you want but at the end of it all you’d still have the 110kW engine.

    The Vector will come in at $56K with a 154kW engine and that’s going to be the drawcard.

  3. Tongue in cheek Swade, previously this is waht SAAB Oz would probably have you believe.

    But the way $60k at Audi will buy what? A 1.8t A4 Avant, 120kw and 225Nm.

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