Swede Team Motor – last weekend of the season

The weekend just gone was the last round of the SLC Cup.

From the picture below I’d take it the weekend didn’t quite go to plan…..

Images copyright 2006 J. Sellemark/STM

Here’s a translation of the posting on the Swede Team Motor website (thanks Anders!):

The intention with this race report was to tell you about our successful journey to the podium in the national championships for long distance racing, but…

Already on Saturday morning we could feel that something was not right, the sun was shining. Swede Team Motor always perform some rain dancing before a race, because our Saab cars and drivers seems to like wet conditions. For STM it is as interesting to race during dry conditions as to watch paint drying. What we didn’t know was that the next 12 hours of racing would be more dramatic than any others during the entire season of 2006.

While #93 (Saab 9-3 1.9 TiD) started from the second row, Sweden’s fastest Taxi started further down the field. With Sweden’s best taxi driver, Niclas Dufvenberg behind the wheel. (The old 9-3 2.2 TiD, #930, had a taxi sign on the roof).

While the rest of the cars were lining up the E85 powered V6 turbo car (#39) was still in the pits with a valve lifting problem. Unforeseen and for us, until now, never before experienced problems. However, the V6 E85 car is a joint project between STM, Saab and GM Powertrain, where STM is first to test the concept during such severe circumstances. After a while the problem was solved and the car was back where it should be, on the track.

The car runs (or should we say it flies) like a dream, of course without any hope for a podium finish. The drivers: Frank, Patrik and Allan, report that on the straights the car is even faster than some of the Porsches!

#93 is running as always, in the very top of the field. After 3 hours the car is running 3rd in total and 2nd in class. This is just the first part of the race, the second starts immediately and runs for another 9 hours (a 12 hour race in total). However, #93 lets the team down with a blown turbo and broken top. It is just to leave the car standing in the pit.

When the sun sets at around 18.30, it is time for the next disaster. Someone have left oil on the track, and the driver Anders can do nothing but just wait for the car to stop. Anders was un-hurt but the car is not to be recognised and as if this was not enough the car caught fire. The fire was swiftly extinguished by the “fire brigade”, but there was no way the car could be driveable again. Two out of three cars out of the race, what a pity.

#930 had had problems with drive shafts, engine mounts, front suspension but it was out on the track putting in lap after lap. In the end it shows that the oldest is the best of the cars, the only one to reach the checkered flag this weekend.

Now we are putting the focus on next year…


The results for Swede Team Motor 2006 (car #93):

Swedish Long Distance Cup (3 hr races): 3rd in total and 2nd in class

Shell Helix Endurance Trophy (6-9 hr races): 5th in total and 1st in class

National Championship: 6th in total and 2nd in class


I want to congratulate Swede Team Motor on a fine season. Those results for the diesel Saab 9-3 are fantastic with 1 first place and 2 second placings for the class, as well as a third place over all in the long distance cup races. Sensational stuff!

It’s been a pleasure to cover it here on the website.

I’m a big believer in motorsport as a proving ground for new technologies and as a promotional tool for the brands that participate. It’s great to see a team like STM out there and even better to see Saab backing them up.

photo copyright 2006 STM, Jonas Stellemark. Click to enlarge


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