Swedish Saab Sales – September 2006

Psycho Dave takes the honours for getting the Swedish sales data in first this month (and I swear I was checking it hourly, I’m determined to take the honours myself some time!!).

The news is…….down.

The Saab 9-5 sold 1,242 units in September, down 6.12% from 1,323 for the same month in 2005. The 9-5 has now sold 10,729 units for 2006, which is up 39.88% over the Jan-Sep period in 2005.

The 9-5 is still the second-best selling car in Sweden, with a market share of 5.11%. The Volvo V70 is the clear market leader with 10.26%.

The Saab 9-3 range sold 890 units in September 2006, down 3.36% from the 921 units sold in September 2005. Saab have sold 8,250 units of the 9-3 in 2006, up 39.85% over the same period in 2005.


Whilst the drop in sales isn’t good news, it’s in line with the rest of the market in Sweden. 10 of the top 11 models sold so far in 2006 experienced sales downturns in September.

The great news is that Saab are still up 40% on both model lines ***spin, spin, spin***

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  1. Saab comments their sales
    http://www.di.se (swedish)
    Jan- sep 102 800 world wide, + 6000 to 2005.

    Saab calculates that the total number moved for 2006 will be 140 000 compared to 128 000 (2005)

    September was a bit down but that is compared to very good sales for sweden and UK last year. US-figure is up a lot but that is also compared to last years summersale that gave bad sales for september.

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