Ted’s Two-Strokers

I love times like this…..

On Saturday I posted a video from Intsaab, the International Saab Club gathering in Sweden a few months ago. The video was all about the 2 stroke Saabs at the meeting and had a bit of footage of them being thrown around the airport/track.

Ted Y’s been a visitor and frequent commenter at this site since the early days and he’s also a 2-stroke fan. After taking a look at the video over the weekend he went out to his shed and decided to turn the key on one of his restorers:

I got one running!!!

I collected 4 non-running strokers about 4 years back, planning on restoring them someday. Haven’t had time, working full time and building barns and putting up a fence for my wife’s new alpaca venture. But I got so nostalgic for that sound after watching the video, I decided to try and fire one up.

Picked the most likely one, put in a battery, checked fuel, resolved some wiring problems, then proceeded to break off a key in the ignition. Spent more time getting the key stub out then anything, found another key and yee-hah, it fired up.

Got a little more sound than I wanted though. Unknown to me, the throttle return spring was broken, pushed the pedal to the floor and there it stayed. I panicked, expecting the old screaming engine to disintegrate, especially after sitting for many years. Fortunately it didn’t, and I proceeded to just work the throttle for awhile, just listening to the sound of it revving and imagining the day when I’ll have it on the road again.

Found my wife back in the barn and said, “Did you hear it? Did you hear it? Did you?” and she replied “Was that you? What was it?” I told her what it was and she replied “Sounds like I’ll be raising kids again. That’s the last time I heard sounds like that.”

Oh well, thanks again for posting the . Nothing like the real thing though.

How I would have loved to see the smile on his face when that baby first turned over!!

Keep on Saabin’ Ted. Thanks for the story.

Here’s a couple of photos of Ted’s cars. If I’m reading the comment right, then this is the morning after he got the now-running car home: [The] arrival of the running Saab in Jan 2003 in the midst of a snow storm and the next morning….. after driving for about 4 hours in the storm, there was over 200 pounds of slush sitting on the trailer.

The group shot includes all four of Ted’s strokers. The car that he fired up is the Saab furthest to the left, next to the Studebaker. The Saab “mural” car (2nd from the right) was decorated by Ted’s grandkids.

Click either photo to enlarge.



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  1. Thanks for posting this Swade–I didn’t expect it would get so much attention. Good luck with Charlie too. I love animals as much as 2-stroke Saabs–nothing but pure innocence when they’re sleeping. I don’t feel quite so much love for the coyotes that got a couple of our chickens the other day though, had to tell the youngest grandkids that we “gave a couple away to neighbors.” Guess you’ve gotta take the good with the bad though.

  2. No problem Ted. Thanks for sharing ’em. I’m just pleased we got a chance to see them and I hope you get to do one of them up one day so we can see the finished product.

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