TS in Sydney – book it!



18 months or so ago I started this blog with the idea of writing about my favourite cars on a regular basis. Now TS has been given the OK to participate in the special media preview day at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney later this month.

Blogging sure has come a long way.

I should be honest: this isn’t my first Motor Show invite, but it is the first I’ll be able to attend in person. TS was granted media accreditation for the New York International Auto Show earlier this year and Jim F, a New York local, attended as a TS rep.

As you can see from the pictures on the email I received, the Aero-X will be in town. I’ll be checking that out as thoroughly as possible. I’m hoping Saab will still have the Biopower 9-5’s in town and I’ll definitely be seeking some face-time with Parveen Batish.

Bring it on!


Disclosure: Saab Australia have provided me with some assistance in order for me to be able to make it to Sydney for the show. The support is greatly appreciated, just don’t think it’ll buy you any good copy, OK?

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  1. Proper profile – real reward for all your hard work mate. Congrats. You now exist in the murky world of the media!

    Just the start of things. Can I be the UK correspondent then?

    As an aside suggest you lot click on MSN or Yahoo for their pages of photos of the exquisite girls at the Paris Auto Show.

    Lets hope Sydney makes a similar effort – stuff the cars mate!

  2. Green with envy. This is one of those trips where my wife would ask, “Do wives get to go?” — meaning that I’m going somewhere that she actually wants to go. So have some fun with it!

    Disclosure: This coming week I’m going to Wichita, Kansas and to St. Louis, Missouri. For the record, my wife did NOT ask to go with me.

  3. Would Saab Australia be willing to provide Jim F., a New York local, with some assistance to make it to Sydney, too? Unlike Swade, I can be bought ;-).


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