TS Podcast 1 – The Future of Saab

I think I’ve finally got most of this podcasting thing sorted. I’m just waiting on iTunes to list it in their directory for the benefit of anyone that might want to subscribe to it (though i’ve no idea if or why anyone would)

So, after a very long night and a similarly long day, have a listen, chew it over and let fly in comments……

The Future of Saab – mp3 file, around 8MB.


I refer to the following picture during the course of the podcast.


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  1. Yeah, good stuff Swade, keep em comin’.

    I’ve seen the 9-3 facelift, it is really good, bold if not aggressive style.

  2. Top job maty, but be careful using copywrited music

    Enjoy Sydney, give Parveen and Emily a cuddle for me, god knows they need it!!


  3. Thanks gents, glad you found it useful.

    Snotfjeld, if you happen to come accross some of those pics, me email link is in the left sidebar!!

    Al, i felt a little nervous using Bjork as she can get a bit feral, but mainly just at airports. And I’ll give Emily a hug if warranted, but I only bat for one team so Parveen’s going to have to make do with a manly handshake.

  4. Nicely done! You don’t sound like you’re reading off a hastily written script, nor are you breathing into the microphone every ten seconds as you fumble for something to say. I loved your recent history under GM segment; it was straightforward, balanced, and without the general doomsday rants I’ve come to expect from the loyalest of Saabistas.
    Future topics? I’m interested to know what other models you’d like to see in the Saab range, besides a crossover SUV (which is so obviously what the Real Saab of the 80s would have done in response to the SUV thing that it’s not funny.) Would an Aero-X GT-thingy make sense? Would people buy enough of it/would it make any money? What else could be done? Is Saab meant to have a huge model range, or should it stay pared down? Let us know what you think.

  5. in a word, cool.

    especially, i enjoyed the crescendo about the heartless souls of other brands like lexis, infinity,….

    i might listen to radio more if it were this good.


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