TS – Sydney bound!

This afternoon I take off for Sydney to attend the Australian International Motor Show. I’ll be going to the press day tomorrow, which will be the first time I’ve attended anything in such a capacity. Regular TS visitor and owner of this month’s calendar vehicle, Richo, will be coming along with me, admitted as an official photographer!

I’m hoping to catch up with the team from Saab Australia while I’m up there and if possible, I’ll try and get some face time with Parveen Batish to pop a few questions about the climate for Saab here in Australia.

On Friday I’ll be spending some time with the Saab Car Cub of Australia’s NSW chairman and operator of the Australian Saab 99 Register, Brendan B. We’re going to take a 2006 9-5 Aero for a quick spin and I’ll also get the pleasure of riding around in his beautiful black 99 Turbo (gee, I miss my 99T!). Finally I’ll catch up with a few Saab Car Club folks for a steak on Friday night.

There will be video and pictures forthcoming as soon as possible, but for now here’s the cars I’ll have the pleasure of seeing over the next few days in order of appearance….


Richo’s 1999 Viggen – should feel right at home in that one.



The reason for the whole trip – The Aero-X. I’m hoping to get as much detail on this one as possible….



Brendan’s 99 Turbo – again, familiar ground that I can’t wait to get back into



The 9-5 Aero. We’ve only had one 9-5 here in Tassie and it was a wagon. Driving an Aero sedan should be quite enlightening.


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  1. Paul thats the real deal.

    It normally looks bad for a number of reasons

    1. It speands a bit of time parked next to Simon’s at club events.

    2. Where I live requires me to wash my cars once a week and I have four cars to wash!

    3. It needs a respray.

  2. Brendan,
    Nice 99 EMS. Brings back memories of my 73 99 LE except for the steering wheel on the wrong side. I noticed that your 74 doesn’t have a warm water jacket around the air intake, between the filter housing and the throttle plate. In North America, we had a recall and Saab added a warm water jacket because of throttle icing problems. Do you not have any throttle icing? Maybe it’s just one of those NE USA anomalies.

  3. Brendan,
    Just remembered: Throttle icing in the injected cars didn’t manifiest itself by stalling like a carburetor would. Instead, the throttle would stick open, causing the engine to stay on power.

  4. HI, someone can tell me when the NEW modele of 9.5 or 9.3 will be on CDN market.
    I whoul like to buy my 3 SAAB, 2006 9.5 2.3T, how is the feeling on road compare to 9.5 2005 2.3T 16″ tires, having a good deal on 2006.

  5. I’m guessing that throttle icing isn’t much of a problem in here in Sydney. It really doesn’t get much below 4°C (40°F)

  6. “It really doesn’t get much below 4°C (40°F)”
    I never did well in geography class. Just looked up Sydney’s latitude and it’s not nearly as far South as I envisioned. Looks like it would be more like South Carolina weatherwise.

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