UK Saab Sales – September 06

Saab UK recorded what would be a fantastic month’s sales – if only we didn’t have last year to compare them to!

In September last year, in a record year for Saab UK, they sold 4,919 vehicles. This was the highest monthly sales total for all of 2005 and I suspect it was probably one of their highest monthly totals for all time.

September 2006 saw them come up short of this total, but it’s still a pretty admirable figure all the same. Saab UK sold 4,495 vehicles in September, an 8.62% fall on the year before.

As mentioned earlier, 2005 was a record year for Saab in the UK. The good news is that 2006 is looking even better, with 2006’s Jan-Sep total being 77 units higher than 2005. If they can maintain an average of around 1,855 cars a month for the remainder of 2006 then it’ll be their second successive record year.

Go hard, Saab UK!! Here’s hoping those extra power / extra stuff offers for Autumn keep you over the bar.

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