US sales – September 2006

I should be jumping with joy at the numbers Saab USA saw in September. Sales were up 48.8% over 2005’s numbers and even Autoblog has Saab as the big winner of the month.

But I’m staying mindful of all the things that were said a few months ago, when the numbers were more like -50%. More about that in a moment.

Saab model sales for September 2006:

9-2x: 233 units sold (96 in 2005)

9-3: 1,823 units sold (1,145 in 2005)

9-5: 480 units sold (610 in 2005)

9-7x: 533 units sold (132 in 2005)

Month-on-month comparisons are pretty pointless given last year’s employee pricing scheme. That sales event in 2005 created a boom and bust rollercoaster and given that Saab are selling a consistent monthly amount in the US in 2006, the percentage rise or fall is more of a reflection on 2005 than it is on 2006.

The important goal to keep in mind is Saab USA’s stated goal of matching or beating 2005’s total sales figure for the year. And at this point I think they’ll struggle to do it. On current numbers, Saab USA will need to sell 3,586 units a month – a number they’ve only suprassed once this year.

The only model in the Saab lineup that’s selling better in 2006 than it did in 2005 is the 9-7x. Furthermore, the only other model that looks likely to catch 2005’s total is the 9-3, which has sold 18,450 units this year in comparison with 19,548 for Jan-Sep 2005. It’s down 1,098 units for the year with three months to go but could make all of that up in October due to a very slow month in October 2005.

The 9-5 is currently around 1,800 units behind but this is a big percentage of a much smaller base and this model has no hope of catching it’s 2005 total. The 9-2x can be forgotten all together at this stage.

October is going to be the key month for Saab sales in the US. They’re currently down 4,560 units on Jan-Sep 2005 but can catch up more than 2000 units in October alone if they can get the average they need (around 3,500 units). October 2005 was Saab’s worst month of that year, with only 1,340 units sold.

Here’s the graph. Go hard Saab USA!!


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  1. 533 9-7X’s at close to USD40000 a piece. Quite the little money-maker really.

    Congratulations to SaabUSA. Keep on Saabing 🙂

  2. The point about 9-7x profits is well-taken, and not discussed or even understood by most of the Saabophile 9-7x bashers.

    My math shows a gross receipt of about $18 million for Sept. 9-7x sales. Times twelve, that is $200+ million in gross revenue, and anywhere from $50-75 million of that is pure net profit (IMHO).

    How is this not good for Saab again? It’s not as if the 9-7x is stealing profitable sales away from the 9-3 or 9-5.

    Because of the product mix and maintenance of the sales price (relatively speaking), I’ll wager that 2006 will be a better year economically for Saab than 2005, even with fewer sales.

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