2004 Saab 9-5 Video

It’s slowly turning into a de-facto 9-5 month here, a turn of events that’s most pleasing, really.

In that spirit, here’s a promo video for the 9-5 from back in 2004, when the US Saab market was the State of Independance. Whether you liked that campaign or not (and the slogan isn’t a favourite of mine), you can’t argue against this particular ad, which is packed full of pretty tasteful imagery and quite decent commentary.


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  1. Nice ad, it would make me go out and buy one if i didn’t already own one:>) I quite like the State Of Independance slogan.

  2. The best are the comparative facts attacking BMW in particular. This tactic should continue in our days as it is factual and a way to send a wake up call to potential buyers.

  3. I also agree, I loved the State of Independence campaign and it brought an aura and presence to the brand that the BFJ campaign neglects.. the current campaign just seems less refined than the old one. Maybe more of a combination would be better. I do also like the comparisons with BMW and Volvo, they need to show the public what they are missing more.

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