2007 Saab 9-5 video

Seeing as how it’s become defacto 9-5 month here, iDav has hooked me up with the 2007 version of the 2004 video I posted earlier today.

As Cleopatra once said to Marc Antony: “It certainly is an impressive package.”


UPDATE: The curse of sleeping while you northern hemisphere types are awake.

EduSaab has noted the following anomaly in comments. The screenshot below is taken at about 38 seconds in the 2007 Saab 9-5 video posted above.


Now, remember – this is a 9-5 video, correct? So why does that image look so similar to the one below….(minus the hood scoop, anyway)


It seems they’ve subbed in a bit of the 9-2x video!

Great “gotcha” EduSaab!!

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  1. Ahhha, maybe it’s that simple… I saw this ad a while ago and also noticed the front of the car around the 37 second mark. I started speculating about an early alternative to the face-lift front that somehow got into the video… Is the 9-2x that wide? Maybe some optical effect…

  2. It is definitely the 9-2x front. On this clip the current 9-5 is still an impressive package. The wheel/suspension department lets it down though. If a better 18′ package was added it would be even better and sell more. I’ll buy one if that was available as standard.

  3. I think, isn’t the first time I see this 9-2x in a 9-5 video. I will check the other 9-5 promotional video, if I remember well it happens the same.


  4. Maybe it’s subliminal messaging. You know, as we watch the 9-5 ad GM/Saab is trying to whisper in our ears “Buy the remaining 9-2X”

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