60th Anniversary Shots

With many thanks to Alex over at Autoblog, here’s some 60th Anniversary detail shots. Head over to Autoblog for the full complement of photos.

There’s an anniversary page over at Saab USA too. (Thanks Brian!)

Click the photos to supersize.


Those wheels look a lot better in detail. These are the ones for the Anniversary 9-5. The 9-3 wheels have a bigger ‘fork’ in them. I like these ones quite a bit.



Black and grey seating, with SAAB embossed into the leather.



The 9-3 Convertible, SportCombi and 9-5 Sedan – all in profile




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  1. seconded.

    but if we’re only talking about these “forks,” i like the small “fork” (one the 9-5 sedan) better than the large “fork” (on the convert. and on the combi).

  2. It shold be noted that these
    appear to be North America (Aussie?)prepared vehicles with the red rear signal indicators vs. the frosted white European ones.
    These photos look better
    than the spy shots and the
    9-3 rims are appealing.

  3. These aren’t light’s we’re talking about.

    Why not have the lights in red, but the housing in clear?

    There are too numerous cars in the U.S. where I heard this was the case.

  4. These aren’t light’s we’re talking about.

    These aren’t lights, it’s just a clear housing.

    Both countries have clear bulbs.

    The problem could be solved in the U.S. with “red” rear tail light bulbs with the clear housing, but maybe it’s just me for looking into this at that level of detail.


  5. The iceblock lamps were in the 2006 U.S. market accessory literature, but are not actually available, due to “clear lamps being illegal per U.S. DOT”. I bought an ’06 Sportcombi Aero about six weeks ago and I had to order my iceblocks out of Elkparts (there went a paycheck). It is especially stupid, because if you look at the thousands of Priuses (Prii?) on the streets of America they all have clear rear lamps.
    Oh and if anyone is wondering, I’m waiting for the day when both of my Saabs are clean for the brag picture.

  6. Corrections FYI:

    Lamps = Bulbs

    The bulbs/lamps on the Prius are red for the brakes, yellow for corner signals and clear for reverse

    The Housing is clear on the prius.

    This setup could be the same on the SportCombi.

    Let it be known that before the end of the summer of this year (2006), the saabcatalog.com actually as mentioned before, the frosted tail light housings for the 9-3 SportCombi as an accessory those in North America could buy.

    Again, just to recap.

    Lense = Housing
    Lamp = Bulbs
    Lights = Bulbs + housing

    Please specify exactly what you mean, otherwise this thread is getting difficult to understand exactly. šŸ™‚

  7. SG:

    Well, not exactly. On all of the ‘clear housing’ tail lights in the US, there is an inner lens that’s red that covers the bulb/lamp. Take a look at the Prius or one of those Lexus SUVs the next time you see them and you’ll know what I mean.

    Again, I say: clear rear lights are illegal. Even the newer cars with red LEDs rather than incandescent bulbs have a red lens. It’s the law.

    Not a great law, mind you, but it’s the law.

  8. eggsngrits, I still dont understand what you are saying.

    As far as I understand, the law is that the lights themselves must shine red in colour when active, and on top of that you must have red reflectors on the rear of the vehicle. This is accomplished with the rx300 and the prius. Clear housings, red bulbs, and red reflectors (usually near the bottom of the bumper). The sportcombi has these red reflectors, so as far as I understand, it is not illegal to add the frosted housings, as long as the bulbs inside are colored.

  9. Since I am related to a law enforcement guy here in the US, and I wanted to know what the rules are on these tail lights, I asked. I also went to the CA DOT website and waded through a bunch of junk…
    I can’t speak for every state, because they each enforce their own vehicle code. In California, however (Yeah, you gotta love it, right?!), not only must the tail lights illuminate red, there must be a red lens (and a clear bulb). Additionally, there must be red reflectors. The reason I found is this: the DOT has not approved the hue/color generated by clear LED’s which illuminate red, only the color generated when the light from a clear bulb passes through the red lens. Also, red-dyed incandescent bulbs loose their red-ness over time, making them inappropriate.

    So, in (at least parts of) the US, the rear end of a car must have: red reflectors, clear bulbs w/ red lenses, and no red-colored bulbs. (Turn indicators can be red or amber.)

    Hope this helps… If I had a 9-3SC, I’d call up elkparts too, but I’d hold on to my factory lights.


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