900 ‘vert wins Autoblog poll

I went pretty hard over the weekend on a campaign to get some votes for a classic 900 Convertible in the Autoblog Reader’s Ride of the Week poll. Notices were also posted by SaabKen at SaabCentral and by the owner on Saabnet.

I’m pleased to report that the Convertible ended up winning handsomely and was featured again on Autoblog today:

Until about Sunday afternoon, there was a strong showing of voters enthralled with the Alfa’s curves, but as the day drew to a close, Saab owners united and put the 900 in the top spot.

Congratulations to the convertible’s owner, Patrick, who did a great job restoring a fantastic car. Enjoy the accolades!



Next week the theme for the poll is turbocharged and supercharged cars, so if you’ve got a Flickr account, click on the Autoblog link above and hunt down the instructions for entering your ride in the ‘competition’ (no prizes, just bragging rights).

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  1. Looks like a volvo was selected for the turbocharged/supercharged readers ride :-(.

    Couldn’t get either of the viggens to be selected

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