9-3SC Anniversary sighting

I’ve just received some pictures from an anonymous source in Trollhattan. This fine looking automobile is believed to be a preliminary incarnation of a 60th Anniversary version of the Saab 9-3 SportCombi for 2007.

2007 will mark 60 years for Saab as an automotive company. Although work began earlier, Saab’s first unveiling of a vehicle (Ursaab 002) was on June 10th 1947 and this date is commonly held up as Saab’s birthday as a car company.

The Anniversary Color appears to be Ice Blue and you might note the special edition wheels as well, which we saw on a temporary-registered 9-5 Wagon a little while ago. I don’t think the schwing towing hitch will come as standard.




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  1. Brian, the photographer did wander up for a look inside and reported a standard Aero interior. There will be some special touches in a retail edition though, I’m sure.

    I don’t mind the wheels myself, though they’re a bit hard-edged compared to some of the wheels we’re used to seeing from Saab.

  2. I’ll see if I can locate the place the picture is takern through Google Earth or similar services (if it’s inside Saab in Trollhättan).

  3. Is the chrome strip to the top of the windows a new feature of all 2007 models ahead? not sure if it adds much – would prefer the Audi approach of chrome along the bottom of the windowline.

    Still, nice colour, wheels a bit odd though – what about teh areo-x turbines for the anniversary models?

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