9-3SC Video

This made me chuckle.

The grandiose Whitehouse in the background and a model SportCombi chugging around like all that matters is doing doughies. Life as it should be.

This is Ryan from Saabhistory.com. Well done.

And here I was thinking using remote controlled devices and video cameras around the Whitehouse would be a no-no.

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  1. I’d fix it, Greg (the misspelling) but then if I did that your comment would look silly. So out of respect for you, I’ll leave it πŸ˜‰

    It felt funny as I wrote it, but I’ve been sluggish for a week or so now. Too many late nights playing with this new Mac.

  2. I am glad everyone liked the video, I enjoyed making it.

    I asked the secret service ahead of time and they said no problem at all.

    I did get some strange looks from some people in suits passing by during lunch time though.

    The most fun I had was pretending to follow one of the bikes going by or company groups heading from or back to their offices.

    I must say, although it is different that New England, I sure do enjoy being here in Washington, D.C. for special events like this one.

    Racing the SportCombi in front of the White House was terrific! I could do it all day, did not have to worry about parking, no other cars could drive here since Pennyslvania Ave has been close for some years now and I never needed to fill up the tank!

    In Swedish I had a super time.

    “JΓ€tte Bra!”

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