95 arriving in Tassie

This is definitely in “call yourself hardcore?” territory.

Local Tasmanian Saabnut, Drew B, is about to expand his collection once again. He’s up to 5 fairly rare Saabs so far – and it’s about to go up to 6. As far as we knew previously, there were only two Saab 95s here in Australia. One of them in Drew’s garage and the other in Melbourne.

Recently a third 95 reared it’s head and it’s quite a treasure, being an early model V4 with the more attractive nose. Drew seems to have a knack for coming across these special vehicles and picking them up at rather good prices. This one’s a 1967 model, one of the very first V4 wagons made, having the temporary V4 emblem mounted high up on the front mudguard. It’s also one of the few V4 wagons to retain the small front windscreen, which was officially updated in the 1968 model year.

He’s also recently acquired a mid 1970’s Saab 96 Souvenir Edition, one of the last 150 manufactured for the UK market. How it survived so long, so well is quite remarkable.

As you will see, this 95 requires a bit of a cosmetic makeover, but should come up beautifully after Drew’s done with it. Another beautiful piece of Saab history here in this little island state. How fortunate we are.

One image here, the rest are after the jump. Click to enlarge a little.








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