9-7x at SEMA

Some of your are going to be unhappy, but personally I think this looks sensational.

Think unpimp-mein-auto but with a Swedish taste…..

SEMA is a big aftermarket trade show for all the car modification freaks. Click to enlarge.


All Dressed-Up: Saab 9-7X Aero Concept Debuts at SEMA

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – The sophisticated, jet-originated Saab brand gets in touch with its inner funk and is strutting its new and improved hip side, as the 9-7X Aero Concept debuts at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer Association trade show here this week.

In a collaboration with the DUB customization company in Los Angeles, Saab’s first ever SUV is decked-out with a high level of specialized elements. Those include:

• 24-inch custom fabricated “Aero X” wheels and 275/30 Pirelli tires
• Suede and leather interior trim
• Custom front fender side vents
• Custom three-inch lowered suspension
• Borla Performance Exhaust System
• Window and tail light tint
• DVD/TV in-dash double-din head unit
• Four, seven-inch TV monitors for seats
• 15-inch flip down LCD center
• Two amplifiers and two 12-inch sub woofers with custom box

“DUB was really inspired by the Saab Aero X concept car and the ‘Born from Jets’ theme,” says Myles Kovacs, president and co-founder of DUB Industries. “We wanted to integrate it into a custom vehicle. The 9-7X is a great vehicle to customize. We are very pleased with the outcome, it looks hot!”

The big question at the show very well may be: when will this black beauty go into production? “Shows such as SEMA provide Saab a terrific opportunity to try new things and quickly get the evolution out in front of the public,” Julie Kenar, Saab Automobile USA 9-7X marketing manager explains. “This will act as a good gauge for whether this concept is one which resonates with customers.”

Earlier this year, Saab announced the 9-7X Altitude Edition, of which only 500 will be produced. Beyond the extremely rich standard equipment of the 9-7X, the Altitude Edition includes 18” alloy polished wheels, side assist steps, a rear DVD player, and an exclusive carbon fiber gray metallic paint. The package will be offered at a savings of nearly $1,000 than if the items were ordered individually. The package is available on the six-cylinder 9-7X 4.2i and the 9-7X 5.3I V8 – which will bring the total vehicle price (MSRP, destination charge and Altitude package) to $42,130 and $44,130, respectively.

For 2007, OnStar-equipped 9-7X models will feature a new service called OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation, the first factory-installed, fully-integrated GPS navigation system from OnStar. Turn-by-Turn allows consumers to talk to a live advisor, who in turn sends complete step-by-step directions to customers’ vehicles through their OnStar system. Also in 2007, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System becomes standard equipment on the 9-7X, and one new color, Crystal Blue metallic, has been added.

The Saab 9-7X, which debuted in the summer of 2005, brings unique Saab characteristics to the SUV segment, including sophisticated styling inside and out, premium quality and design features, and sporty and fun-to-drive performance. With its high-level of standard equipment, the 9-7X offers a terrific value.

Like I said, some of you are not going to like this. Comments are open.

I think it’s a bit of fun. It looks good. The turbine wheels suit the big black beasty right down to the ground.

I can’t really believe I’m saying this, but I hope they build it. The 9-7x Aero. Why the hell not? And before you go all “it ain’t Swedish” on me, well first – it isn’t necessarily meant to be, and second – check out the Volvos at SEMA. This 9-7x is tastefully understated in comparison, IMHO.

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  1. Hell, yes, they should build it.

    But they should throw a turbocharger onto the inline six, and pump up the HP and torque. Otherwise, the drivetrain won’t cash the checks the body is writing!!

  2. Yeah the 20″ Aero-X wheels would be cool. And turbocharge the I6 or the V8 …. how hard can that be ?!?

    I’d expect the entertainment system crank out BJORK at full volume ;-P

  3. This is a hell of a sexy looking 9-7 with the Aero X falvour written all over it. If this was sold here at a proper price range it will move very well. Anything to give the conusmer real options can only do good things to the brand.

  4. Phew, the world is normal again 😉

    I was beginning to worry, Eggs.

    Greg, good to hear from you. I trust election season over there is keeping you busy?

  5. I think the 9-7X Aero should use the 6.0L from the Trailblazer SS.
    Think about it, the Aero’s the top of the line model. The fastest and most well appointed, so why use the same powertrain that’s in the Arc and Linear?

  6. I think it looks great.

    How hard would it be to properly turbocharge the I-6? Would it require an overhaul?

    Man- If SAAB could do that, there things would sell like hotcakes at a premium.

  7. Swade

    It’s good to be back. Actually it’s not the elections so much as work — I was scheduled for trial in a civil case this week, that was postponed at the last minute until next June (one of the parties has a gravely ill parent who is not expected to live).

    So all the sudden I have some time for politics and Saabs this week. Thus, the process of doing a 16-valve turbo transplant into my 99 turbo will begin next week.

  8. Greg, that last sentence got me very excited! I hope you’re going to document and photograph the process. All words and pictures would find a welcome home here.

    That’s a heck of a big job. Doesn’t it involve fiddling with the firewall etc? Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    9x – I said some wouldn’t be happy.

    Gunnar – I note that despite what seemed to me to be about half as many nominations as the Camry (and a few others), the 9-7x is now a ‘finalist’ in TTAC’s Ten Worst Awards. Does that seem objective to you? The worst thing about those awards is that any criticism will be met with a “lighten up” mantra whilst a whole bunch will take them seriously and take note.

    It’s a shame such a well-written site has to sink to lowest common denominator stuff like this.

  9. They should put a lawnmower engine in it, just for a laugh, cause that’s the only reaction you’ll get from this.

    Horrible. When did Saab turn pimp?

  10. Don’t look at me, Swade. I didn’t nominate it – though I did vote for it. I was disturbed that my own nomination – the Mercedes-Benz R-Class, didn’t make it to the final round. You’ll note that most of the nominations are from GM – it seems TTAC’s readership has some beef with the General. Justified and perhaps not.

  11. Swade, fortunately I’m being helped by a friend of mine, so I’m not doing this project solo. Chris, my friend, is president of the local Saab club and much more mechanically inclined than I.

    And, yes, the 16v turbo transplant involves pushing the firewall back a couple of inches at one point. But that’s not the issue that concerns us – we still haven’t figured out what to do with the intercooler.

    Hopefully we can get this done sometime in January.

    Some exterior shots of my 99 turbo are here (remove character returns in middle of URL):


  12. Lighten up, Eber. It is what Saab is today.

    Greg: mucho impressed! 16V turbo in a 99! That’s going to be one heckuva machine when you’re finished.

    Swade: I don’t post about the wheels every time I see ’em. Just know that every time they bubble up, I’m crying on the inside.

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