9 reasons…..the Saab Convertible

Nine Reasons why the C900 Convertible deserves the Autoblog RR of the Week


Stop me if I’m going overboard on this Autoblog poll thing, but given the minimal press that Saabs of any description get on sites like that I think it’s important to make the most of it and show the readership there that the brand’s got something.

So….9 reasons why the C900 deserves to win that poll.

1. Character
– perhaps the Alfa could claim a small margin over the 900 here, but not by much. The Bimmer’s only character points come from the fact that it’s a coupe. The Fiero’s too US centric to claim character from an expanded readership and the Supra – puhlease…

2. Looks
– That 900 line is called the classic 900 for a reason. The Saab 900 was as distinct a car as you could get and whilst it’s looks marginalised some, there’s no doubt about it’s classic lines – absolutely beautiful.

3. Enduring Looks
– All cars in the poll were made in the 1980s. How many of them still look as good today as they did back then? The Alfa still looks great from the front but it’s a little wierd at the rear 3/4 and maybe the BMW has retained around 75% of it’s appeal, though that massive bumper looks a little too much like a neck brace. The 900 still looks fresh and when seen in peak condition, one could imagine it’s just come out of the showroom.

4. Practicality
– I’ll bet you could get passengers 3 and 4 into the 900 Convertible quicker than any of the others. And you’d still get at least one set of golf clubs in the boot.

5. Icon status
– which of these cars produces a more vivid memory of the 1980s? The latter half of them, anyway.

6. A working heater
– I can’t speak for the Pontiac or the BMW, but I’ve owned Alfas and a Celica XX (predecessor to the Supra) and any Saab heating system would outpoint the “cabin comforts” offered by either of them. This may sound like small potatoes, but it does lend to the 4-seasons claim about the Convertible. If your Alfa’s too icy then it’s only a car 6-8 months of the year, correct? The rest of the time it’s just taking space.

7. The Turbo
– It’s never going to be king of the twisties, but the Convertible in manual form will give you enough of a rush to make the smile you’ve already got on your face that little bit bigger.

8. The difference factor
– BMWs are every wannabe’s car of choice. I’d imagine Pontiacs are quite common on roads in markets where you can buy one. Toyotas are the motoring equivalent of male genitalia – it seems like half the populations got one. Want to go for a drive and have the pleasure of seeing your own car only once in a blue moon? Get the Saab or the Alfa.

9. It’s a Convertible, stupid!
– Isn’t this the trump card that makes all other points moot? They may be somewhat impractical and shake a little – but what better way is there to go cruising and if you’re picking amongst offerings from the 1980s, then the 900 Convertible has to be your ride of choice.

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  1. I dunno Swade.

    I voted for the 900 Convertible but…

    The only charismatic thing about the Alfa is the car’s front and perhaps the way it drives when it drives.

    The BMW 6-Series was the real deal in the 80s.

  2. When it drives…. 😉

    That rep from the ’80s is going to be the bane of Alfas existence from some time to come.

    I sold mine, a 1982 Sprint, back in 1999 or 2000 and it overheated on the way to the guy’s place I was delivering it to. He still bought it though and funnily enough, I still miss it.

    That’s what character can do for a car.

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