A Question to be Answered

I’m not sure if this question has ever been asked, let alone settled. I’d like to settle it once and for all.

The question is this:

What is the collective noun for a group of Saab owners?

I’ve just been over at the collective nouns webpage and whilst I’ve discovered a buttload of proctologists, an army of frogs, a fesnyng of ferrets (personally I think it should have been a trouser of ferrets), an ecstacy of Morgans, a gross of farts, a mess of grits (he he) and a tough of lesbians……………….draws breath………….I could find nothing about a collective group of Saabists.

My suggestions are as follows:

A flight of Saabists
A crew of Saabists
A Carlsson of Saabists
A hat of Saabists

Your suggestions in comments, please – a poll will be forthcoming.



New suggestions in comments and from Saab Central

A company of Saabists
A troop of Saabists
A squadron of Saabists
A turbo of Saabists
A torque of Saabists
A combi of Saabists
A quirk of Saabists (and yes Turbin, you are banned for that!)
A bunch of Saabers
The SAAB (resistance is futile)
A Werthers of Saabists
A Gaggle of Saabists
A teabag of Saabists
A pipe of Saabists
A swarm of Saabists
A smitten of Saabists
And another vote for a quirk of Saabists
A bunch of wierdo’s

Add your voice in comments or show your support for one of the suggestions already mentioned.

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  1. A wing of Saabists

    A style of Saabists

    An echelon of Saabists

    And finally my own vote goes to my following thoughts:

    An Arc of Saabists

    A Vector of Saabists

    And the ultimate:
    An Aero of Saabists !?

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