Aero-X receives award from Autocar

It’s not up on their website yet, but Autocar magazine has named the Aero-X as 2007 Concept Car of the Year.

The following press release is from GM, though I found it via chronic newshound SaabKen at Saab Central rather than via usual means – here endeth the whine 😉


Saab Collects Top Design Trophy

LONDON— The stunning Saab Aero X Concept has been crowned ‘Concept Car of the Year’ by Autocar, Britain’s longest-established car magazine.

At the ceremony in London, the Saab Aero X was praised for its dynamic stance and the designers’ constant references to Saab’s aircraft heritage, including its innovative wraparound windscreen, turbine wheels and canopy-style ****pit.

Presenting the award, Autocar Editor Chas Hallett said: “The Aero X takes familiar Saab design cues and shows how they can be incorporated into modern architecture and plausibly extended even to a 400bhp super-coupe.

“The fact that the car also proposes futuristic fascia and interior elements, which are as plausible as they are original, and demonstrates how much better a car can be without windscreen pillars, just makes it better.”

The award adds to the trophies won by the Aero X. When it was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the concept was awarded the coveted ‘Best of Show’ honor by U.S.-based Autoweek Magazine.

“We are delighted to receive this accolade,” said Jan Åke Jonsson, Saab Automobile’s Managing Director “The Aero X is a bold affirmation of the core qualities of our brand and it is gratifying to see that the Autocar judges have recognized its significance as an inspiration for exciting future products to come from Saab.”

The Aero X is also a clear definition of Saab’s commitment to fossil-free propulsion. To make sure the Aero X has the performance to match its looks, the concept is powered by a 400bhp turbocharged V6 BioPower engine that can run entirely on pure E100 bioethanol. As with the styling, the powertrain is a strong hint at what lies in the future for Saab.

“We are very proud of this award,” said Bryan Nesbitt, executive director of Design for General Motors Europe. “The Saab Aero X is much more than just a concept car. It is a testament to the design direction we’re taking Saab in the future.”


I can’t resist this opportunity to link this video up once again. For those that are interested and haven’t seen it before, this is my recent experience with the Aero-X at the Sydney Motor Show.

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  1. well deserved!

    in person, i’m sure it’s even more breathtaking.

    the award is another indicia that 1) the car should be built (for sale); or 2) the design cues must be incorporated into new models.
    (personally, i wish they’d keep the clam-shell hood; but i shan’t quibble.)

  2. jealous! i’m surprised how much of the little details were missed in all the other photography available… i didn’t even know there was an entertainment system in the console.

    they should just make some. it doesn’t matter how much they cost, or how impractical the roof is… there are enough rich people on the planet who’d buy one to justify a production run of 25-50 handbuilt cars, even if the price tag was USD1M, they’d still sell them, because quite frankly even rocking up to a party or an awards night in a helicopter would pale into comparison the spectacle arriving in THAT car would make.

    to get a production vehicle in the hands of Top Gear and a few celebs would be worth the effort simply from a marketing/PR perspective.

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