Auctioned in Atlanta!

I just noticed this one on my feeds.

The narration reads as follows:

1960’s prototype Saab Formula race car on the auction block in Atlanta, Nov. 11, 2006.

Oh. My. Goodness. Why didn’t we know about this?!


Any information is welcome in comments. If anyone is familiar with auction houses in the area please let me know. I’d love to know how much it went for.

Other photos from the feed are here. They may help if you’re familiar with the area. I’m not registered at Flickr so I can’t contact the guy directly.


  1. Spot on Eggs!! That’s the one.

    I’ve used their contact form to get in touch. Here’s hoping I get a reply. I’ll let you know if I don’t.

    Thanks a bunch for the link.

  2. Swade,

    Did you mean that you didn’t know about the Saab Formula at all, or just didn’t know that there was one at an auction? 🙂

  3. About the auction. I’ve never looked into the Formula Junior cars much, but this one popping up has heightened my interest somewhat. It’s got much wider tyres than the old Juniors. I’d love to know how it drives.

  4. Actually, having a closer look at it, I’m starting to think that this may not be the genuine article. I’ve got some more looking around to do, but this looks like a pretty good mockup to me.

  5. Yes, it’s not at all like the two they built. The shape of the nose, the missing exhaust pipe, the roll-bar… Could be a standard formula-car from some old American series, and with the standard Saab-enginge from an Barber Pro-car. And, since only two were built and one is at the Saab museum, I find it hard to believe the the other one left the factory…

  6. The two formula cars Saab built around 1960 were front engined, fwd. This appears to be rwd. It looks more like the Quantum (rwd) which was built in the USA. But it doesn’t quite match it either. The Quantum IV was also available as a kit car which might explain the difference?

    Some info:
    1960 Formula Junior

    Saab Quantum

    Stefen Vapaa’s Formula S

  7. Since this car was represented as a prototype/development platform that was rebuilt by someone very recently, I think that you would be hard pressed to either prove or disprove its authenticity unless you had photos or something similar.

  8. Eggs, I hadn’t seen how it was represented. I couldn’t find any details about it on the Red baron site. Their cars link was an empty page.

    I think all we’re saying here is that it isn’t one of the original 2 Formula cars built by Saab. No-one’s saying they represented it as such and thereby misrepresented the car.

    Still a very nice looking bit of machinery and I’d be fascinated to know more about it. Hopefully Red Baron will respond in due course.

  9. Swade:

    I’m not correcting you, necessarily, I’m saying caveat emptor. No way to tell, nothing.

    When I visited the site there was a remnant of a page that had all of the photo links broken, but a minimal description was there. It’s gone now.

    From the page cached on Yahoo!:

    Item Number – AV1835

    Description –
    1960’s Saab Prototype Formula Race Car

    •Alloy bodywork, formula 3 spec.
    •Hillabrand center lock Indy car wheels and original tires
    •New chassis, new custom paint
    •Rebuilt engine and transmission by Saab racing specialist in San Diego, CA
    •New chrome wheels
    •Very rare
    •Extremely fast

    Anyone know a Saab racing specialist in San Diego?

  10. Might be one to check out with the VSAAB mailing list guys. A lot of Californians in there I seem to recall.

    Might check it out tomorrow.

    Still haven’t heard from Red Baron.

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