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It’s been a busy week here at TS-central and one of the things I haven’t been able to get to until now is coverage of the developments happening with AudioTroll.

For those of you that have missed it until now, the AudioTroll is a device being developed by Carl Levine in the US. It’s a device that will allow you to plug your iPod into your 1998-2002 model Saab 9-3 or 1997-onwards Saab 9-5 and control the functionality of the iPod through your car’s audio controls. It’ll also display the iPod “Now Playing” information on your car’s SID.

Development has been a slower-than-expected process. There’s always bugs to be ironed out. I feel for Carl as he’s taken several orders already, which must be weighing on him as he gears up (disclosure: I haven’t ordered one yet).

He wrote to me earlier this week and said that the final build was going to be completed on Tuesday (which I assume meant a few days ago) with production starting “not long thereafter”.

It’s certainly an exciting development for those of us that own the applicable vehicles.

Carl’s shot a 5 minute video which explains the operation of the AudioTroll. You’ll see the AudioTroll in action and get some brief verbal instructions on how it works. Steering wheel controls are all-systems-go and there should be a new video of the completed unit in a newer 9-5 coming very soon.

The AudioTroll site is located here.

Enjoy the video (nice to hear some Split Enz in there!).

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  1. Daah that’s brilliant!! If only SAAB could be the first manufacturer to get a factory version of such software to market; it might help reinforce an image of Saab as a car for cool people, instead of a GM stepsister.

  2. SAAB is the Aerospace manufacturer, so that would be nice to see the Ipod in the Gripen, I agree.

    “Saab” is the Automobile manufacturer, as there is no longer any automobile manufacturer by the name of “SAAB”, just aerospace.

  3. SAAB is not only an acronym for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget it is also the acronym for Saab Automobile AB

    At my local dealer it still says SAAB on the building, and last time I was there they had cars not plane! It also says SAAB on the cars as well.

  4. given the low key nature of our favourite car company and lack of any high profile badging i think we should all write it lower case:


  5. On Friday, December 20th, 1968 the Swedish Wallenberg family announced that “SAAB” buys “Scania-Vabis”, and the merger began as SAAB-SCANIA. So prior to this date, “SAAB” was the nomenclature

    1947-1968 – “SAAB”
    1969-1999 – “SAAB-SCANIA” (although the SAAB-SCANIA logo did not arrive until late 1983/early 1984 on the cars)
    2000- PRESENT – “Saab”

    1947 – PRESENT – “SAAB”

    I hope that clarifies things for everyone.

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