Australian Saab sales – October 2006


I was hoping to report that Saab Australia had eclipsed 2005’s total in just 10 months. They would have needed sales of 163 units during October to achieve this, which was quite feasible seeing they’re 20+% up on the year and they sold 216 for October last year.

Unfortunately, October turned into a disaster of epic proportions with just 57 units sold during the month, a whopping 73% under last year’s October sales.

Saab Oz remain 20% ahead of last year, but this has definitely put a dent in the envisaged sales target for 2006, believed to be in the order of 2,000 – 2,200 units.

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  1. More Saab sales stuff:

    October: 9.712, +16%
    January-October: 112.394, +7%

    U.S: -3.410 vehicles this year
    Sweden: + 4.987 vehicles this year
    Great Britain: +1.8% (don’t know it it’s October or whole year)

  2. That’s got to be the worst month Saabs ever had in Oz, buggered if i can see why after such a good year so far, any ideas? Media coverage doesn’t appear to be any different from previous months. It makes me a bit suspicious that some of the extra sales this year might have been dealer registered rather than sales and they’ve now run out of budget to buy their own cars from the factory and keep the numbers up. Perhaps the nonsense with the Saab/Crapillac/Bummer deal has turned me cynical.

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