Best Year Ever…..

This in via GM Europe:

Saab on track for best-ever year

In the month of October, Saab sold 6,182 cars in Europe, reaching a market share of 0.4 percent. In the first ten months of 2006, Saab sold a total of 76,551 cars in Europe and enjoyed a 14 percent increase (+9,485 cars) over the same period in 2005. Globally, Saab sold a total of 112,394 cars in the first ten months of 2006, which means that the brand is on track for its best-ever year, keeping up the 7 percent increase compared to 2005 registrations. Saab registered record sales in the first ten months of this year in Spain, Belgium and Canada. It continues to be the leading brand in Europe for vehicles running on Ethanol-85.

These last two months are going to be very interesting. The US is a lock for improved sales in November and December compared to last year, but the Swedish and UK markets are declining slightly.

Still, a record’s a record and it’s all good. Saab are making better cars that fulfil driver’s needs and it’s showing in the sales data.

Go hard, Saab!!

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  1. Re-assuring. But with Saab’s global annual target of 140,000-150,000, how likely is that with only two months to go ? Using a very simplistic straight-line average of the 10 months to date, Nov & Dec could potentially add anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000. But even with 25,000 units, that would bring a year-end total of ~ 137,XXX, still shy of the 140K goal.

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