Damn Technology!

So I gets me this new iMac, you see…..

…..and now nothing works. My old laptop won’t even connect to the wireless network since Mac entered the room.

I’ll be getting a geek in tomorrow and hopefully everything will start working again.

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  1. That’s not the macs fault. It never is. Trust me.


    There is actually a correlation between driving a Saab and using a mac.

  2. Don’t despair – the mac is the right thing – just a matter of learning about it and you will be happier than you’ve ever been. trust me – i switched my whole company to macs and it was an adjustment but now nobody is needed to run around supporting anybody almost ever

  3. You will love a Mac! You can post, download music, search for anything on your drive instantly (Spotlight), and launch a missle all with your eyes closed and never loose data to boot!

  4. Hmm…

    PARIS (Reuters) — Renault SA said that a statement it planned for Thursday, Nov. 8, at an unscheduled news conference would “not be bad news,” an analyst who had spoken to the company said today.

    They are buying GM? 🙂

  5. I use a Mac Mini too. “Switched” a little over a year ago.

    Not only is there a SAAB/Mac correlation, but there’s also a political one in the U.S.: Between AUDI and SAAB, AUDI drivers are more likely to be Republican and SAAB drivers are more likely to be Democrat. I’m a Libertarian so I break all the stereotypes! 🙂

  6. Actually, I’m not Mac user at the moment. 🙁
    But I definitely want to change from PC to Mac, I have many experiences in my work with both and there is no doubt that Mac is better.
    I also bought Mac for my mother and she likes it very much.

  7. Microsoft user here. Mac is good, but too expensive and somewhat inflexible, too. (After all, you can only get the Mac OS on an Apple PC, no?)

    I’ll bet that the issue is that the Mac (being new) connects to your wireless access point with the 802.11g protocol. If your other computer is old enough to pre-date 802.11g’s ubiquity, it is confused because it only knows 802.11b. 802.11g is backward compatible, so the two should live in harmony once this is resolved.

    Two things to try:
    1. Tell your access point to operate only on 802.11b. This can be done via the setup on the router or access point (connect via ethernet if you have to).

    2. Tell the Mac that it needs to connect only via 802.11b. You’re on your own there.

    There are other possibilities, of course.

  8. “Mac is good, but too expensive and somewhat inflexible, too.”

    Compare real life prices betseen Dell and Mac. They are not expensive

    And inflexible? It’s BSD under the surface. How can something *nix be inflexible? 🙂 And, you can run Windows on the Apple hardware as well (in an virtual environment or as stand alone) if you really need some apps not ported from Win.

    3 worlds in 1. I call it good value. 🙂

  9. Recently there was a test by one of the leading hungarian web portals, comparing the new Intel powered Mac and PC computers.
    It led to an unexpected result: the Mac is cheaper than other brand PC-s.
    On the Intel versions you can run OS X and/or Windows (what a perversion!) :).
    It’s obvious that the value added components (superb design, useful accessories, free OS, applications inculded in OS) the Mac beats any PC, and it just works.
    Even on the 7 year old iMac what I bought for my Mother was just half an hour to install OS X, and it runs since she uses it without any problems, no viruses, no security risks, no driver problems, etc.

  10. getting macs and pcs to play fair on the same wireless network can be a pain sometimes. i didn’t have probs getting Sarah’s PC to connect to my Airport network, but was never able to get my Powerbooks to connect to her old man’s network. i think a lot of it has to do with the various authentication types, which always seem to have compatibility issues between platforms.

    give us a buzz if you continue to have probs mate, or if you wanna crash course in iMovie…

  11. Did someone say powasquatsi?

    I’d love to have a mac but I can’t afford all the hair gel and designer glasses to go with it.

  12. Not meaning to hijack the blog or anything, but you’ve all been drinking the Mac Kool-Aid a little too long.

    Microsoft OS may be installed successfully on machines from about 2,000 different OEMs (I am NOT kidding). Apple: 1.


    Microsoft OS has the dominant market share (not even close), so applications are cheaper than Mac and much more plentiful.


    Finally, you can really buy a Dell, Toshiba or HP notebook for $600 or less. Cheapest Mac notebook: double that plus some at $1300.

    Now, that $1300 Mac is certainly better than the $600 Dell (goodness, everything’s better than the $600 Dell for crying out loud!). However, the $1300 Toshiba or HP notebook probably out strips the Mac in at least a couple of areas if not overall. And the point: you have a huge choice! If you want gaming, get the big screen and forget the battery life! If you want lightweight, do the reverse.

    It’s absolutely nuts to spout that “studies show…”. If you are a big Gartner customer, they’ll forge a study that says ANYTHING that you want. Shoot, they even call Dell an OEM even though they make almost nothing!

  13. Horses for courses.

    The mac cost just over $2,000 with 250GB HD, 1GB ram and software already on board that’ll allow me to podcast, create and edit video (to a pretty decent standard) and a whole bunch of other things.

    My $1,600 laptop is great for other stuff, but just no good for a lot of this type of stuff.

    I’m off for another glass of Kool Aid……

  14. Swade: You’re response is rational. Claiming that Apple is both more flexible and cheaper than Microsoft isn’t. That’s my point. If you’re going to USE the Apple features, get Apple, by all means!

    As you say, the right tool for the right job. Just don’t try to convince me that it was cheap and flexible, too!

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