Damn Technology II

If you’re wondering why here hasn’t been anything on this site for almost 24 hours, here’s why.

I set up my new in-car camera rig yesterday and took the young fella out to shoot some video. A test run, really. We did some 50-150 runs and tried a few different camera positions.

I came home all excited at the prospect of editing it (on the new iMac) and with gusto I got out the camera’s USB cable, connected it up – and was met with an enthusiasm-sapping silence.

I borrowed the DV camera, a Sony, from my sister. I don’t own one myself (yet). I turns out that by pure dumb luck my sister and her husband managed to purchase one of the very few Sony Mini DV Handycams that doesn’t work with a Mac! (It took me an hour or so of Googling to find this out).

So, back to PC.

I get out my laptop and hook it up only to find that I don’t have the required driver. I find the driver, download it and can finally start playing with my video.

Hats off to microsoft for making a very simple-to-use Movie Maker program. It really was quite simple to edit and do the transitions I wanted, add some music and control the other sounds I needed to.

Unfortunately, Movie Maker also delivered about 70% picture quality and turned my 16:9 aspect ratio into 4:3.

For a preview of the difference this made, click here (warning: Mac Kool Aid alert) and watch the video “Better Results”

Anyhow, I went to bed at 1am after the Google Video upload went sour. I’ll try again from the office computer, which has a bucketload more bandwidth and speed.

And more regular entries, including one Saab guys thoughts on the 9-1, will be forthcoming very soon.

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  1. In what way didn’t it work with a mac? Can’t you just connect it, use it as an external FireWire-drive and copy the files to your mac’s drive and then import them into iMovie HD?

  2. Ah, the usual stupid thing that always happen on a Saturday night, or when your away from home and somewhere without a nice computer store nearby: the missing cable…

  3. Well if you can get hold of a firewire cable somewhere it should work fine with that camera as well…

    they dont cost much if you should decide to buy one…

  4. hey Swade, I have a couple of iLink style firewire cables if you need to borrow one. yeah, it’s kinda annoying that Macs only use the native Firewire DV mode rather than also supporting the USB transfer modes many cameras have, though granted most manufacturers don’t make the drivers required anyway.

  5. Flexible those Macs. Work with anything. Oh, except the stuff that uses UNIVERSAL Serial Bus connections. (eye roll)

    Again, not anti-Mac, just pointing out that they are expensive and less flexible than the Microsoft counterpart.

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