Dear Saab…

Dear Saab,

I know it’s a few years off and therefore a bit early to be asking, but please make the 9-1 at least as cool as this.

And please note this bit:

The design study …… had its world premiere in May 2006 during the Golf Record Day in Gelsenkirchen. Since then enthusiasts from all over Europe have sent their compliments … with a clear message: the vehicle must be built to those exact specifications!

They listened. Sometimes we, the customers, have good things to say and opinions to share.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. Ewwwww, those seats are disgusting. Do they deliberately make them nasty? And it’s auto, stupid DSG thing. I don’t think Saab would have a problem making one close to this, I think it depends if they feel they should/want to.

  2. That stupid DSG will outshift any Saab gearbox every day of the week… Drove a GTI with it this summer and it’s perfect, auto when you’re cruising and stupidly fast manual on the track…..or whenever you’re in the “mood”.

  3. When shifting manually with the DSG is it in the standard manual shift pattern or is it just an up/down motion with the stick or paddles (like “tiptronic-style” transmissions)? I would like an automatic transmission car (for the horrid L.A. traffic), but with the option of manual shifting in the traditional shift pattern (like this: I feel comfortable actually DRIVING the car, rather than feeling like the car is driving me. I don’t get that feeling from these automatic-transmission-with-manual-option cars I’ve gotten from rental-car places (like the Nissan Altima, Pontiac G6, etc.).

    Also, I think it’d be a good idea for SAAB to differentiate themselves from competitors in the small luxury segment with an innovation to set themselves apart. I mean, it’s almost a given that the 9-1 will have a turbo like many “hot hatches” out there, but why not add water injection? It was a SAAB factory option in the 1970’s on the SAAB 99. It can’t be THAT expensive to implement (I mean, if you can use windshield washer to rig-up your own it’s not THAT complex) and would set SAAB apart technologically and add that much more “sport” essence to the 9-1 turbo. Also, turbos work well with the added air density provided by water injection.

    It’s cheap to implement and would set SAAB apart from competitors, so that the 9-1 doesn’t feel like an “also ran”.

  4. I haven’t heard a bad report about the DSG. On the contrary, all I’ve heard are great reports. A mate here in Hobart bought a Touareg and was given a Golf GTi to drive while the Touareg was being prepared for delivery. He absolutely loved it and if he didn’t need the towing capacity of the Touareg he probably would have bought one.

    I haven’t tried it myself, but look forward to doing so.

  5. Well said. The GTI is really the benchmark once again.

    In the small car class, I’d say that the Cooper S and the Subaru WRX/Saab 9-2x are also darn good cars. Perhaps some of these elements will be rolled into the package?

    One thing that I’ll say: the Saab has to be BETTER. If it comes out ‘even’ with the VW, it will win because of the fan following and market recognition. The Saab must be BETTER.

    Trying to look into the future, that would include fuel flexibility, digital compatibility (iPod, etc.), very high reliability standards and very high safety standards.

  6. I only drove the DSG with the “paddles” but when shifting with the stick I think it’s an forward/backward motion only. The paddles are so much faster than any other car with “paddleshifting” that I’ve driven. (no I havn’t driven a Ferrari…)

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