I love my new Mac.

Click to enlarge and get a feel for the 20″ screen size.


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  1. Meh.. I’m more of a Linux guy myself. The whole propritary hardware thing gets me.

    I do need to get a Mac though. I see too many tech job ads that require Mac knoledge. =/

  2. I got the 20″ iMac. 250GB hard drive, 2.16 Mhz processor, dual Intel, 1GB ram, etc etc. I’m lovin it.

    I was going to replace the tyres when I got my wheels done, but they’ve just got too much tread left to justify throwing them away. They ain’t the best, but they’ll do for the moment.

  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG VIGGEN!!!! You have no idea how wild my Viggen-crave is getting. I’m hoping to find an unmolested one in the next 6 months. Anything other than DI cassette problem I should look for?

  4. The main thing I wanted assurance about when I bought mine was the scheduled servicing.

    Look for a good history and documentation. The biggest ticket item with these engines is the sludging problem. You want to see regular oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles with a good high quality oil.

    DI’s can be replaced fairly cheaply and easily in comparison to a sludged engine.

    I hope you find one. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on a car. Love it.

  5. Swade, just wanted to browse the archive to see how you had your Viggen wheels repaired and you posted a new picture. Now i see I remembered right, that you have the finish a little less polished then the original ones, do you have some more closeups ?
    Unfortunately my two front viggen rims are bend and while they’ll undergo repairs I can let them have a new finish. I dont like the original one, a little too shiny, so i’m looking for ideas 🙂

    Saaboy, if you have some experience you should see most obvious damages to the car – old stocks, slipping/weary clutch (quite normal on tuned/hard driven ones), etc…
    As Swade said, sludge is your enemy and hard to see if not opened. You could start by checking the service book, then check (or let your saab-wise serviceman do it) if any crankshaft ventilation kit was installed. If these are positive at least you know someone was looking after the engine. Then you can change the oil and let it be analyzed, it might be a problem to see anything if it will be too new. Even if it was changed to cover this issue, putting down the oil pan will reveal the sh..ludge that can be there. Unfortunately these last two options are hard to do if you dont own the car, then is up to how you bought the car (have a written agreement with cover for hidden issues 😉 – this is possible probably when buiyng from a shop)

    Anyways … if my engine blows for 3-4k EUR i’ll try to get a new 9-5 2.3 engine … the BioPower one and hello to ethanol 🙂

  6. … and i forgot one thing that i overlooked (didn’t know) when i bought mine… the front spoiler. It quite low for most of the curbs and its made from freaking PUR (polyurethane) plastict, which unfortunately cannot be put together thermicaly (welding). And the glued bonds if not backed up by some support from behind (metal, carbon, etc) will break on next stress.

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