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There’s accessories….and then there’s accessories.

Saab UK are now marketing a scarf for convertible owners – female ones according to the pictures. The scarf was designed by Osman Yousefzada, an Afghani designer and is being sold for 150 quid, though the first 50 will be given away to convertible purchasers.


The Mathaba News makes an interesting point:

There seems to be some strange correlation between Scandinavian cars and religion. Volvo used to be the car of choice for Orthodox Jews, apparently because it had enough headroom to allow them keeping their hats on. Is Saab trying to become the car driven by upper class Muslims? In their latest advertising they feature a woman driving a convertible clad in a headscarf, or Chlamys, designed by city banker turned fashion designer Osman Yousefzada. The outfit wouldn’t pass the test of Muslim orthodoxy since it leaves the chest bare whilst covering the head, but it presents as an attractive item of clothing the very piece of cloth liberal secularists are usually obsessed with and frightened of…..

…..Makes you wonder, will the French ban Swedish car imports next?


GM is about to launch it’s end-of-year Red Tag Sale.

Unfortunately for the US Hat of Saabists (I’ll use that collective noun until another is voted on), Saab vehicles aren’t part of the Red Tag event.


Jan-Ake Jonsson in The Independant, appearing at the launch of the 2.3 Biopower engine in the United Kingdom:

The managing director of Saab Automobile, Jan-Ake Jonsson, has given a clear indication that his troubled company is secure in the General Motors group with a “dramatic improvement” in its financial position over the past 12 months. This has been underpinned by a 6 per cent increase in global unit sales in the year to date over the same period in 2005…..

…..Regarding the Saab brand and the Swedish plant at Trollhättan, Mr Jonsson added: “I can only say we fit in very nicely into the GM brands portfolio. So we have a solid position in fulfilling that. Swedishness is core to our brand because it presents certain values, in safety, design and alternative fuels…..

…..extra volume could be gained via a smaller car, based on the Vauxhall/Opel Astra.

Looking at the recently launched Volvo C30, a premium compact hatch, Mr Jonsson said that kind of car was “in their plans”, though they were still “assessing exactly what kind of car” it would be.

I like Jan-Ake. I’d like to buy him a steak one day,

I wonder what he thinks the collective noun for a group of Saab enthusiasts should be.

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  1. There is a breast on show- with a Muslim orientated headgear- this might offend purists in the current PC climate. Saab should have thought of that….Hey ho.

    Nice car, nice scarf, nice boob job…

  2. What a bunch of crap!

    Any hint of Saabs becoming the favoured cars of Muslims and I’ll be selling every single one of my freaking cars!

  3. Boy, this is a tough one. You don’t want to be ‘intolerant’ of other cultures, but the freakin’ Monsters of Islam are making it hard on us.

    Goofy promotional stunt, I hope.

  4. They should have pitched it as headscarfs to be sold as a fashion statement and left it at that. Why people have to invite religion into this is beyond me.

  5. Saab haven’t made any connection with Islam at all. The press release on the Saab USA site just talks about the scarf.

    I picked up the quoted article in my RSS feed.

    As far as Saab are concerned this is just a scarf designed for them. The fact that the designer is Afghani is neither here nor there (as it should be). It’s a nice looking piece.

  6. You have got to be joking. This is the most absurd thing I’ve heared in a looong time (and where I’m from there are alot of absurd things going on). Is there any limits to human pettynes? Can people be
    even more narrow minded than they already are? Next, someone will say let’s ban all things that resemble even a little (from far away, if you are on heavy drugs), or can be associated, with some other faith or culture becouse we are better than they are. This is total crap.

    And for the record, I can’t see anything in that picture that can be related to any faith. I see a very beautifull women that looks very elegant. And I like it.

  7. Swade:

    Puh-leeze. Afghani? Looks like a hijab? This is no coincidence.

    Religion or no, it is inflamatory. You don’t seek out a reason to display symbols that evoke images of war, terror and conflict with your advertising. You don’t use swasitkas even though BEFORE the Germans corrupted it, it was a symbol of unity under the sun. People don’t see past the hurt. Likewise, you don’t use a symbol of female oppression even though it’s ‘just a scarf’.

    Of course, I wouldn’t think anything of this if I saw this woman driving down the street in this get up. However, promoting it? That’s a wholly different story.

  8. And, Teddy, it’s not a ban on appearing this way, it’s the use in advertising that I find clumsy — it’s alienating rather than attracting. People can do as they please.

  9. flawed premise:

    (“…seems to be some strange correlation between Scandinavian cars and religion.”)


    flawed conclusion:

    (“…Saab trying to become the car driven by upper class Muslims…”)

    thanks, “dr.” mustaqim!

    saab, you have my sincerest condolences.

  10. When I made the first comment it was with tongue in cheek – but as others have noted, crazy as we might think it, there are risks in this kind of advert -in the current PC climate where aparently one faith must be pandered too in order to keep the peace. But as others have said here, there is an inadvertent and perhaps understandable PC risk factor in this Saab shot.

    I know its crazy but its the weird world as seen in Uk and Europe at the moment….

    I did’nt mean to imply I agreed with it.

    Hey Swade, if you get to UK, you might note two things. The Jewish folk of North London DO all drive Volvos still, and the Afro-Caribbean folks in South London love Saabs – especially old and new convertibles in black with tan leather and mega alloys.

  11. I suggest you all go have a look at the Saab USA website. There’s no mention of faith or anything there whatsoever. it’s just a scarf they’re selling. That’s all.

    I’m with Teddy, I think it looks great. If I was a girl with a convertible I’d be after one. I’m about as far from that as you can get though 😉

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