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Saab of Germany sold 240 vehicles in October 2006, which was a 42% fall on the same month in 2005.

I tell you, that market is so ready for a killer Swedish model it’s not funny. All Saab need to do (like it’s that simple) is produce the right car at the right price. The next iteration of the 9-3 will hopefully go a long way towards that goal, and the next 9-5…..

Thanks to Wilhelm at Saab Fruende, which I think is a German Saab Club and is now on the sidebar.


The elephant in the corner of the room has just received another reprieve before it has to come into the center.

A bankruptcy judge gave auto parts maker Delphi Corp. more time to negotiate a settlement on labor issues with former parent General Motors, its unions and stakeholders.

The various parties met privately on Wednesday, Nov. 8, with Judge Robert Drain of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York to discuss progress on the labor talks and discussions between Delphi and GM on parts contracts.

Drain set additional conferences for Nov. 17 to discuss progress on the labor and parts contract talks, Delphi said in a notice on its bankruptcy Web site.

This has definitely been a year of crises that Rick Wagoner won’t forget soon. This one isn’t over yet and has the potential to effect a lot of GM’s operations. It is looking better as time goes on, however.


One of the reasons that Saab have been successful in Sweden this year is the Swedish government’s stance on Ethanol. Some UK Lobbyists, including Saab, have written to Chancellor Gordon Brown seeking more support over there:

Chancellor Gordon Brown has been presented with a letter urging him to show a greater commitment towards the use of biofuel in road vehicles. The letter comes from four sources, namely Ford, Saab, Morrisons Supermarkets and the National Farmers Union…..

…..To speed things along, the companies want the 2007 Budget to include an increase – and prolonging – of the fuel duty rebate applied to bioethanol E85 (the 85% bioethanol, 15% petrol mixture), a discount on company car tax for vehicles using high-blend biofuel and a revision of vehicle excise duty to reflect their environmental benefits.

We could definitely use the same sort of support over here in Australia too. I want some of that Biopower boost!

OK, and a potentially smaller environmental footprint too.


GM have raised the prices of about one-third of its 2007 model year vehicles in a bid to recover some of the rising materials costs they’re encountering.

The increases seem pretty minimal, ranging from $60 to $425. I’ll check out whether Saab are effected by this.


Every time I see Audi lauded for something, I think “Saab should be doing that”.

Why? Because Audi were on a par with Saab 10 years ago in terms of public perception etc etc.

Via Autoblog, here’s an RS6 Avant that recently went around the Green Hell in 8:29. This isn’t that lap, but it’s phenomenal nonetheless.

8:29 in a wagon.

Bring on that AWD Sportcombi with a V6, please!

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  1. Audi.
    Built to last
    1 lap almost
    I’m sure they did more than that.
    Reminds me of what the tyres on the 95 aero wagon looked like after we took it around Baskerville Steve.

  2. Swade – it’s true. I just bought my ’07 9-5 Aero SportCombi in the US with a MSRP that was $495 more than the ’06 model.

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