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Auto Express have an interesting test published at the moment.

I’m in 9-1 excitement mode and any tests in what I believe should be the car’s sector are of acute interest.

This test pits the new Volvo C30 against the Audi A3 and the Mercedes C220. I’ll let you guess who the winner is, but suffice to say its an interesting result and a sector of the market that has me licking my lips in anticipation. Saab really could do something very exciting here.

And the Ovlov is around 19,000 pounds (I don’t know where the key is for the symbol). That seems mighty expensive, even for a ‘premium’ hatch. The base 9-3 in the UK is around 16,000 pounds.

Opportunity knocks….


That Net Promoter Score report that I covered at length the other day has had it’s first bit of press coverage, in Carsguide – the Murdoch press automotive supplement here in Australia.

Thankfully, both the report and its coverage seem to be sympathetic to Saab and its situation insofar as it has to be administered and supported by Holden to a large degree.


I’m not sure what this is, but it’s messy and very interesting. From Flickr. Interestingly, a look through the photographers other shots shows that it’s Martin, who’s had a photo in the SOTW section of this site before.



And you think GM might be in some trouble….

This one’s for those of you with some time to kill and an interest in the industry outside of Saab. Read this, from Autoextremist and then read this. There’s a cancer at Chrysler and Dr Z may not necessarily have the answers.

It’s bad enough having to try and decipher the spin that big companies put out into the public arena. Imagine how frustrating it’d be if you had to deal with it internally in trying to earn a living.

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  1. The C30 certainly seems like a compelling little car but…

    I really tried to convince myself the V50 wagon was a practical solution for my small family if only because the style is pretty unique and the dynamics entertaining. The fact is though that Volvo has gone from ‘All substance, no style’ to the opposite pole where a nicely detailed vehicle is woefully impractical.

    A great review of the V50 can be found here.

    It summarises the great dynamics and drivetrain ruined by very poor interior design. I tried for a long time to convince myself it wasn’t true, then the Sportcombi was realeased and proved exactly how very impractical the Ovlov is.

    That’s the wagon, I can’t wait to see how much more impractical the C30 is.

    Saab has a real opportunity here for a really intelligent and youthful car and should settle for no less than the 2.0t engine for base variants.

  2. Yes, this picture was taken by me – at the saab international meeting 2005 in Essen, Germany. The car is a saab 900 turbo race car, which is prepared by the (in germany) well known team from Gasparatos (
    The car is mainly used to drive long distance races at the famous nuerburgring nordschleife. Unfortunately, their website is only german, so please try this : Go to “”, click on “saab-racing” and then on the “HIER” buttons. Some pics and videos to watch.
    My own pictures on flickr can be seen here :

    Greetings from germany, Martin

  3. I am so looking forward to the 9-1. Think it can be an absolute blast to the brand. Think the optimal thing would be to build a 4 door that could go up against mazda3, maybe both 4 door, hatch and hardtop cab.

    Some nice pic on the 9-5 bth…. Think that the face lift grow more and more on me, but it takes a while and maybe it does not catch people directly which probably is needed.

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