Gasparatos – German Saab Tuners

In today’s Snippets entry I featured this photo from Martin.


Martin has subsequently left the following in comments:

Yes, this picture was taken by me – at the Saab international meeting 2005 in Essen, Germany. The car is a saab 900 turbo race car, which is prepared by the well known (in Germany) team from Gasparatos (

The car is mainly used to drive long distance races at the famous nuerburgring nordschleife. Unfortunately, their website is only German, so please try this : Go to “”, click on “saab-racing” and then on the “HIER” buttons. Some pics and videos to watch.

My own pictures on flickr can be seen here.

Greetings from Germany, Martin

I’ve just followed his instructions and I can recommend the videos to any of you interested in seeing a classic 900 getting thrown around a track. I can highly recommend the Rennsaison 2005 video – Sensational stuff.

I hadn’t heard about Gasparatos before. I’m glad I have now. To get to their website just use the URL in Martin’s comment – or just click here. Remember, it’s in German, but you’ll find your way around if you follow Martin’s instructions.



  1. Yeah, I’ve had that Rennsaison 2005 video stored away on my PC for some time now–coolest Saab racing video ever! Love to watch it passing Bimmers and Porsches almost by the dozen. To make it easier to find, go to Swade’s link and click the following sequence:
    SAAB-RACING –> Einige Videos –> NEU! Rennsaison 2005

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