Get ye to Detroit

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Aero-X would be appearing at the North American International Motor Show in early 2007, in Detroit.

At the time, I mentioned that this may be the last opportunity for US Saab enthusiasts to see the Aero-X for some time. As there were a few peopple interested in whether or not this was actually going to be the case, I fired off an email to Saab USA to get the facts.

The response came in this morning and if you don’t mind Detroit in the winter, then I’d suggest you book your flights now.

The Aero X is currently scheduled to go back to Europe immediately after the Detroit show for a number of appointments on the 2nd tier auto show circuit, such as the prestigious Villa d’Este concours d’elegance in Italy. I do not expect it to come back to the US any time soon. So yes, Detroit might be the last chance for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to Jan-Willem at Saab USA for the response.

Of course, if you don’t get to see it, this video will give you a good look inside and out (and boy, was it fun!!).

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  1. So, Swade, if I go, will you make me your U.S. correspondent? Maybe I can get press credentials and see (err, excuse me, report on) some cool stuff.

  2. Damn, I just checked the dates and I can’t go. Unchangeable vacation plans.

    On the plus side, I’ll be playing golf in Orlando while the show is going on.

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