Go Vote!!

Autoblog have their “Reader Ride of the Week” poll happening and there’s a great Saab 900 Convertible in the running. As you can see, it’s up against some stiff competition. When I saw Friday’s Alfa GTV I knew there was going to be trouble….


Now the Alfa I can understand…..but getting eclipsed by a Pontiac Fiero!!

I beg you with all the blood, sweat, tears and keyboard tapping that goes into this website – please go and vote.

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  1. It’s funny I had an 86 Fiero while in college and it was amazing, I lived in Boston and it had all plastic doors so I could park anywhere without dings, it was rear wheel drive but the engine was back there too and it was awsome in the snow, I was able to get 160k on the original clutch.
    But it’s not nearly as cool as the Saab vert.

  2. eggsngrits, that’s weird because I voted from two different computers and the results didn’t change either time. It’s like it’s not accepting any of my votes.

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