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Phew! What a busy weekend. One of the first one’s I’ve had in a while that hasn’t been car related. Feels strange.


When I last posted on the Autoblog reader’s ride poll, the C900 Convertible was 67 votes, or around 50% of it’s total received, behind the second-placed BMW 6-series and Pontiac Fiero. Thanks to all of you that have lobbed over to Autoblog and voted as the 900 is now a mere 3 votes behind the Pontiac and only a handful more behind the BMW.

If you haven’t been over to cast your vote, then show them some Saab love. The poll is here.

If you have already, then head over again and show them some more Saab love. As Eggs n Grits noted in comments, they’ve made it a multiple-vote poll. Bogus results, but at least they’ll be the correct bogus results (who said I could never work for The General?).



Here’s another tasty factual morsel about the 9-5, seeing it’s unofficially 9-5 month here on this site.

Safety has always been a big focus for Saab and the 9-5 has consistently rated amongst the safest cars recorded by Sweden’s Folksam Insurance people.

One of the most lauded testing bodies for vehicle safety is NCAP, in Europe. The Saab 9-5 was actually the first car ever to be awarded a four star rating by NCAP. In around 2001, NCAP increased the number of mandatory tests by three to make a total of twelve tests that a car would go through.

In 2001, Saab Sweden put the 9-5 through approximately 60 different safety tests.


During a brief surf of the net yesterday I noted that Erik Carlsson spent some time with a certain John Gardner up near the Arctic Circle teaching him techniques for driving on ice.

These tips were later documented. John Gardner was the author of a series of James Bond books, in some of which Bond drove The Silver Beast (a 900 Turbo) and used the ice-driving techniques as taught, supposedly directly to 007, by Erik Carlsson.

Interestingly, Gardner himself owned Saabs, and in his final two Bond books in the early 1990s he included an appearance for a Saab 9000, which was the model he owned at the time. The Silver Beast has been handed back to Q (or more likely crashed) and was replaced by a Bentley, though a Bond enthusiast’s poll recently voted the Silver Beast as a fan favourite.

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  1. Being both a James Bond fan and a SAAB fan I read Gardner’s novels in the 80’s.

    I think I remember Bond’s Silver Beast was his own, (not Her Majesty’s), and had been outfitted with the gadgets by CCS (Communications Control Systems), not by Q.

    In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, yes I’m a geek.

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