In-Car Video trial


This is a brief look at the results of the first run we had with the in-car video yesterday.

As mentioned previously, I had some compatability problems with the camera not talking to the Mac, so this was done with Windows Movie Maker. It stutters a bit near the end and the final title screen looked good before it was saved. I couldn’t be bothered fixing it once I saw it.

The acceleration video was for historical reasons as I want something to compare to after I (eventually) trick things up a little.

The mount is clamped to the headrest posts on the driver’s seat for most of this video. For the outside shots, it’s clamped to the passenger seat headrest posts. The long post extending out from the driver’s seat in the photo has 3 holes drilled to provide alternate camera mounting spots. The camera is mounted in the middle hole in the photo above. There’s alternate holes about 10cm to the left and to the right.

I was pretty happy with it as a test run. I have to work on some more angles, but this is definitely a good start.


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  1. Like it ALOT.
    All 3 are ok.
    Try mounting the thing on the front air dam about the same height as the outside temp sensor now that would be my Savaloy

  2. Loved it.

    The opening footage felt a bit like a flight deck shot; very film Saab.

    Great effort mate. Why not try a windscreen sucker mounted video camera holder? They are easy to get.

  3. Good idea Swade. When I get a stroker roadworthy, I’ll do the same. You will be able to get some popcorn and drinks and settle down for hours of viewing fun as I search for steeper and steeper hills trying to hit the 150.

  4. “Why can’t you people drive on the right side of the road. I thought you were dead when those two cars went by!”

    because we’re warriors!

    “Some claim that this practice arose from the prevalence of right-handedness, although such prevalence occurs in virtually all populations, regardless of which side of the road is used. In any case, the need to be ready for self-defence on rural roads inclined most horse-riders to keep to their left when encountering oncoming wayfarers, so as to be able to deploy a sword or other hand-weapon more swiftly and effectively should the need arise.”

    “Japan is one of the few countries outside the former British Empire to drive on the left. An informal practice of left-hand passage dates at least to the Edo period, when samurai are said to have passed each other to the left in order to avoid knocking swords with each other (as swords were always worn to the left side).”

    out of all the irrelevant facts i know, this is my favourite. clearly, the right side of the road to drive on is the left! 😉

  5. Ditto the above, very difficult to watch without some reaction since we are conditioned to drive on the other side of the road.

    Bah, driving on the left is an island nation fetish.

    Finally, I’ll bet that the music is masking some pretty awful wind noise recorded with the camera on the outside of the vehicle! You’ll want to shop for one that’s got an external microphone input since we still want to hear the Saab….

  6. Yeah, I’ll make sure when I purchase my own camera that it has an external mike connection. I think this one has one actually, but I need to line up an external plugin mike that’ll fit it.

    Yet another money-absorbing hobby rears its head!!

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