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Following up on the link I posted yesterday, Harrie, who provided the Pilots Wanted slideshow, has emailed me some more info on the breakdown of the day. Gotta say…it sounds like an absolute blast!

This day was organized by Saab Nederland (the Dutch Saab importer) for Dutch Saab drivers. Every Saab driver was able to join but only 150 were chosen. These 150 Saab drivers had to find a copilot in need for a new car and also considering a Saab.

During the day off road specialist and instructors from the Zandvoort Racing School guided the pilots through the stages.

We had to go through following stages.

1) 9-7x off-road driving

2) presentation Saab’s unique selling points and bio-power explanation

3) carting

4) test drive a Saab of your choice be it bio-powered, turbo diesel or 210 hp convertible

5) race track training driving corners fast but smoothly

6) emergency stop and chicane training, effectively feeling ABS and ESP at work.

7) skid car ride demonstrating use of ESP( Electronic Stability Program). The skid car is mounted on a separate frame running of swivel casters. The car can be lifted a bit upward to simulate the effect of less grip. This can be done separately with back and front wheels. Doing so one can easily feel the impact of slippery roads. During the Pilots Wanted event the skid car was used to demonstrate the impressive effect of the Electronic Stability Program on the Saab 9.5

8) Slalom competition with a 9.3 convertible

9) Truck driving; the Saab 9.3 2.0T (standard cars) of the Performance Team were delivered by a truck whose puller was used for a bit of extra fun.

In between we were surprised by a Saab stunt plane; and last but not least we enjoyed
an impressive private show from the Saab Performance Team.

What more could one dream of …

If you missed the link, you can view Harrie’s Pilots Wanted slideshow by clicking here.

Thanks again for the extra information, Harrie.


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