Pilots Wanted Slideshow

At the link below is a slideshow from a recent Pilots Wanted drive day held in The Netherlands.

Interesting things: the inclusion of some soft-roading in the 9-7x fleet, and the big-brick Mercedes truck (I’m not sure it was a part of the official program).

This was also interesting. I’ll let you figure it out for yourselves. Click to enlarge.


My tip: When it comes on, switch off the music using the little speaker button at bottom right of the screen. Not only will many of you not understand the lyrics, but it slows down the slideshow a fair bit.

My thanks to Harrie for sending it on. And if anyone can tell us what the 9-5 with the training wheels is all about I’d appreciate it.

Pilots Wanted Slideshow.

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  1. I think the training wheels is to simulate driving on snow and ice where the wheels loose the grip and you have to save the situation.

  2. Looks like the “schedule” for a Saab Performance Team driver. That would be fun.

    “…Hmmm… was I supposed to be going frontwards…or backwards for this next move…? Hmmm… Oh, Lutefisk… delicious!…”

    All in a days work. Must be tough.

  3. Yep, the skid car uses small “dolley” wheels to lift the car’s wheels a touch to reduce adhesion – hence the underbonnet technical stuff. A small chassis rig is mounted under the car too..

    Then, the car can be made to swing -understeer or with rear “dolley” wheels as well – the full 360 gyration. Works really well if they wet the tarmac. Most skid -pan schools have cars mounted on this kind of rig. Its less fun with front wheel drive, but it helps if the hadbrake works on the rear wheels not the front…

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