Pollhattan Saab – The 9-7x Aero Concept


A very simple poll: Should they build it or not?

One has to assume a sense of reality here. If they were to build it, it would be totally impractical to have wheels of that size, for example. But if they were to make more sensible sized turbine wheels, offer it in a limited selection of sizzling colors and, importantly, turbocharge the engine – would it be a good thing for Saab?

If so, then say “Yes, build it”

Is only with turbo, then vote accordingly.

If not, then say “Ditch it”

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  1. My first response to this beast was that it looks too much like an aftermarket cruiser package. The wheels are too large and the truck too low. But I still like the black paint and style of the body.

    I do like the idea of a turbo charged engine. For me, that is what made Saabs what they are. Otherwise, there is not much about the vehicle that says Saab. I’ve seen several in Painesville. And I have to look closely to see whether it is a Saab. From the side I’m never quite sure.

    Make a difference.

  2. I heard from a few GM reps about a year ago that there was a plan for a 9-7X Viggen.

    It was supposed to have a twin turbo 6.0L, with 18″ rims, and dropped as low as possible while still being AWD. Of course, it was supposed to only be available in lightning blue.
    Unfortunately, it seems it was ditched for a less costly idea.

  3. Ah, the hassles of using free software!

    I currently count 202 votes where the system says 209!

    It could be that a few people have tried to vote twice and whilst the system hasn’t registered their vote in the individual results, it has tried to count it in the total. That’s the only thing I can think of. Either that or the whole thing’s totally unreliable!

  4. A total waste of time and money to make 97x to an Aero. The way I see it, to make an Aero-SUV you need to base it on either the Cayenne or the Land Rover Sport. And that I recon would be to expensive.

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