Pollhattan: The Collective Noun

As promised, there is now a poll set up to decide once and for all the people’s choice for a collective group of Saab enthusiasts.

I realise that there’s the loosely used term, Saabisti, to describe one or more Saab enthusiasts. That word has more to do with the person than the group, however. Where I have “Saabists” in the poll, you could easily substitute Saabisti.

I have selected what I think to be the most relevant and likely of the 20 or so submissions received last week. I’ve made an executive decision to leave out worthy options such as ‘A Teabag of Saabists’ – as risky as it seems to do so. As much as I like it, I’ve also left out The SAAB, a reference to The Borg from Star Trek. I’d have included it, but I think the Borg reference may be more appropriate for GM than for Saab in particular.

This poll uses checkboxes so you can select two or three if it’s too hard to split your favourites.

Off we go……

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