Saab Museum Visit

Following are a few photos from Robin M, who recently trekked over to Trollhattan to visit the Saab Museum and surrounds with his daughter. Robin’s previously bought us images and notes from The Ice Experience as well as a great SOTW photo shot by his young daughter, Azabeth.

She’s taken some of these shots as well. It’s good to see Dad’s encouraging her appreciations for both Saab and photography. Well done Azabeth!

Can’t wait to get there myself. Next year, hopefully.





The interesting thing about this shot (below) – the room where Ursaab is located is usually photographed from the front, with Ursaab in profile, and the walls all appearing white. One thing I learned recently is that the walls are all transparent at the side you’re looking through, with the remaining ones appearing solid. So this left wall normally appears to be solid in the front-on photos, but as you can see, it’s transparent too. That may be the poorest explanation in the history of explanations, but what the heck.


Wouldn’t it be great if, upon leaving, they showed you out to this carpark and just said “take your pick. Key’s in the ignition….”

I’d take the red 900.


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  1. Noice.

    I’ll take any one of the Combis including the red 9-3 right down the back.

    Of course I’d have to come back for it after driving URSAAB home first.

  2. You’re making me miss my 1990 red Saab 900. I had to part it out and sell it for scrap after the tranny failed. Oh well.

    I like the white old Saab. Is that a 96? The grille looks better in the older ones than in the 70’s style, IMHO anyway.

  3. Andy, I think the white one’s actually a 93 or 93B, but the basic shape was actually used right through the 92, 93 and 96 line right up to 1980!

    Agreed, it’s mush more classical on the 93B pictured than on the 1970’s, where they put the indicators on the side of the headlights to match the 99.

  4. To our right of that red rear 9000 end… is that a 900 or a 9-3?

    That black one down from the ovlov, the windshield looks kinda steep for a 900 eh? I’m gonna have a look in my garage at all possible angles and see if it matches 🙂

  5. The White car a 1964 96 Saab Sport, a production version of the rally winning cars. It was later called the Monte Carlo 850 and succeeded the Saab GT 750. They where built to celebrate Erik Carlsson wins of the Monte Carlo Rally in 1962 and 1963.

  6. bookalon,

    Thanks for the info. The parts guys at Shaker Saab (Brookpark, Ohio) gave me a poster chart with vin #s and profiles of all the Saab production vehicle through 2002. Unfortunately, the chart doesn’t show the front end. So, your comments were helfpul.

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