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I have an RSS feed that shows me any photos that appear on Flickr that are tagged with “Saab”. You can imagine my pleasure and subsequent drooling when this lot turned up. It’s a Saab Unlimited dealership in Kildare, Ireland, and it looks like a mighty fine place to work in my eyes.

Saab Unlimited partners are generally stand-alone dealerships and are all fitted out to a standard formula designed to set the space up as a gallery for the cars. Wood, glass and open spaces are common features, as are advanced lighting and modern furniture. The imagery is designed in house and there’s standards for display configurations, hence the 90 degree angles you see the cars placed at (the tiles really help with this).

I think I’ll have to set up our downstairs area at home in a similar manner!

The full Flickr sets are here (2006) and here (2005), but there’s plenty of photos after the jump.


Click below to enlarge the panorama













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  1. Swade,

    Architecturally minimalist and modern.

    Very nice my fellow Saab blogger. You have given me some wonderful ideas!

    I do think there should be more Saab unlimited dealers in the United States, but I wonder if there are any Stateside today?


  2. So was Motors SAAB in Hobart.Also went the way of the Dodo.
    And i bet that the workshop had about $1.50 spent on it if they were lucky and that was probably on a new kettle for the customer lounge.

  3. Now thats investing in the brand. Hopefully the workshop matches it as pointed out above.

    Did anyone spot an espresso machine there somewhere? Surely….

  4. you can spend 10`s of millions on buildings, tools, lifts and equipment but at the end of the day its the people who use the tools that makes the differance, thats priceless. no money can but skills and the knowhow built up over time

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