Saab USA and the upcoming show season

The LA Auto Show is coming up real soon and I found it surprising that there has been no mention of what Saab would be showing. The big enchilada – the Detroit Show – is coming up early in 2007 too.

After such a big year in 2006 with the Aero-X and the Biopower Hybrid, it’d be easy to feel let down without another Concept Car of the Year, or an equivalent. But from what I’ve heard this morning I think there’ll be some good grass roots things to see, things you could actually buy and drive. This is good news for those of you that may be thinking of a new replacement Saab in the new year.

So….. enquiries were made and the following was forthcoming from Saab USA:


LA Auto Show

Saab will be showing the 60th Anniversary editions of the 9-5 and the 9-3. Specs for both Anniversary models are available here.

Saab USA are telling me that the 60th anniversary edition of the 9-3 will be pretty cool, with the car looking quite similar to an Aero at a very attractive price. You don’t get the V6 but you do get a 210hp turbocharged four capable of 30mpg, which is nothing to sneeze at.

The SEMA show’s 9-7x Aero concept will also be making an appearance at LA (and I should mention that the reception to the vehicle at SEMA was quite positive – if there’s good showings at LA and Detroit then who knows….)



The North American International Auto Show in Detroit early next year will also feature the 60th Anniversary editions and the SEMA 9-7x Aero concept – with the addition of the Aero-X.

The Aero-X was unveiled in Geneva earlier this year and with the Geneva show being after the NAIAS, the car hasn’t been seen in Detroit yet. It may be your last chance to see the Aero-X in the US for a while, so if you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you get along for a peek. It is a truly magnificent piece of machinery.

And if you need any more incentive……how about going along to get a look at Ursaab!! The vehicle that started it all will also be shipped to Detroit for the show.


So many shows, so little time (and cashola)….

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  1. The last time to see the Aero X in the US for awhile? Say it isn’t so.

    The Minneapolis/St. Paul autoshow is in mid-March, it’s huge and it gets a tremendous amount of local attention. Anecdotally I can tell you the show influences buying decisions. I was hoping (but not really expecting) that the Aero X might make an appearance.

    The Saab section of the Mpls/St.Paul show always depresses me a little — until the 9-3 Combi and the 9-7x showed up, it was truly embarassing with just a couple of sedans, a vert and a 9-5 wagon.

    What’s worse is that, when GM bought 100% of Saab in 2000, the Saab display got moved from its old location near BMW, Audi, and VW on one side, all the way over to the GM section, next to the section devoted to large pickup trucks. Visually the GM trucks dominate Saab — they had a flex-fuel Suburban up on a raised platform right next to Saab last year.

    If they put the Aero X up on a circular platform, it might get enough attention to pull the European car enthusiasts all the way over to the other side of the show (not a small task – the show fills the Minneapolis Convention Center, and it’s certainly a quarter-mile or more from one side to the other).

    I thought one of the reasons to build the Aero X was to take it to car shows and make a big splash. If they brought it to Mpls./St. Paul I can guarantee it would make the local news on all four local channels. (like local news everywhere, the local news here in MN is unbelievably parochial — if there’s a local angle to any news story, no matter how remote, it will lead the story — “Saab brings Aero X to Twin Cities” would be a guaranteed headline)

    Oh, well. Another dream crushed.

  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota and vicinity has probably one of the largest % of Swedish decendants in the United States. From experience here in Washington, D.C. with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, I know that many people feel that they need to continue to buy the automobiles from their “homeland”, and I am sure some of that is true in that area as well.

    This would be an ideal area to bring the Aero-X for the existing customer base plus the potential to draw in new owners to the brand.

  3. Excellent point about the demographics – a point I should have made.

    Now that I think about it, an absolute guaranteed way to generate local coverage would be to park the Aero X in the parking lot of the Swedish-American Institute for a day, perhaps the day before the show opens — the Institute is hosted in a cool old mansion south of downtown Minneapolis.

  4. Gents, it’s purely my supposition that the Aero-X would do the major show circuit for a year for maximum impact before the costs of moving it around yield diminishing returns. Hence I wrote “it may be”. I certainly hope it gets to MPLS. From what’s written above about the demographics and the size of the show it sounds like a good idea.

    I might make some enquiries.

  5. I wrote my last comment before actually reading the post, but now that I read it I have to say I’m a bit disappointed.

    I mean, I know they can’t take the Aero-X to EVERY auto show, but this year Los Angeles moved the date to December so it won’t conflict with Detroit as it had in years’ past. The result was that one-off concepts and other special cars would be sent to the Detroit show and in L.A. we’d be left with leftovers. Well, even though they moved the date of the L.A. show it still looks like we’re not getting anything special.

    They have enough time to present the SEMA 9-7X at L.A., then move it on to Detroit, why not the Aero-X?

    A positive thing is that last year there was more attention on the 9-7X at the L.A. Show than any other vehicle in the SAAB booth, so the SEMA 9-7X should get a good reception from the “bling bling” beautiful people here in L.A…

    Nobody paid much attention to the 9-5 BioPower Concept they had on the turntable and it appears nobody “got it”. I even heard a few snide comments about it.

    I’ll let you know how the show goes this year.

  6. Has anyone actually seen the 9-7x DUB concept at SEMA. The only picture I have seen was the one from the press release. I have browsed throgh 1000+ pics on flickr (search word SEMA) and havent found one singel pic. Either this car hasn’t been shown or it was of no interest for the visitors.

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