Saabrina the electric Saab – getting closer

It’s good to see an update on the progress of Saabrina – Mark Ward’s project to install an electric motor into his NG900.

I’ve covered the various instalments on his blog previously and it’s getting more and more interesting as time goes on. It looks like Mark’s had to learn everything he’s doing on the fly, but he sure is getting some good help and ending up with some pretty good looking, home-fabricated parts.


Above is the 8-inch chuck he had to fabricate a backing for in order for it to sit properly on his lathe – Tim the Toolman would be proud!

And below is the ‘taperlock connecting hub unit’ – which is all greek to me. It certainly looks impressive though.


Word to Mark – please make sure that once the car is completed you shoot some video of the final result. We want to see this baby moving!

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