Sanddodgers need your help!

I’ve covered a little of the Sanddodgers mission here a few weeks ago.

I’ve just received an email from Jon and they’re in need of some help:

I have a request, we are pulling in all the favours….. we are after a replacement friction plate ASAP for our 99T

Do you have one? do you know someone who does? It only needs to last 4000 miles through desert, sand and poor driving?

That 4,000 miles through desert etc that they’re talking about is their drive in a Saab 99 Turbo from Plymouth in the UK to Banjul in Gambia – all in the name of charity.

So, if you’ve got a spare friction plate for a Saab 99 Turbo then please drop them a line through the website at the link above, or contact Jon via email. It’s probably best if you’re in the UK or Europe. Other locations may not be overly practical.

The video below is their latest promo video. Is that the coolest car you’ve ever seen or what??

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  1. Any update? Did they get what they need?

    I’m pulling the engine out of my 99 turbo in a week or two – I might be able to help if there’s still a need in mid-Dec. or so.

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